Zaragoza To Host The Fourth Edition Of The Fiat Blockchain At The End Of September

Zaragoza will host the next 29 september The fourth edition of Legal Blockchain, a meeting organized by Blockchain Zgz and Technical Institute of Aragon (Itanova)In which is the cooperation of the Zaragoza Bar Association.

As in previous editions, the purpose of this meeting is to publicize the application of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies, in the private sector, in public administration and in the university sector.

As the Zaragoza Bar Association reports, eight tables have been organized and speakers from the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Spain and the National Securities Markets Commission will participate.

“It will be laid on the table The relationship between this technology and artificial intelligenceMachine learning and virtual reality from a technical and legal perspective”, commented from Blockchain Zaragoza, Javier Perez Villa.

One of the outstanding conferences is Jose Manuel Cebrián Gregorio, a technician from the Contract Office of the Government of Aragon, who will present an electronic bidding system for administrative contracts, a bid management tool with blockchain technology.

Other submissions

There will be other presentations, such as the head of the Bank of Spain’s Financial Innovation Division, Jose Manuel Marques Sevillano, and the Deputy Director responsible for fintech and cyber security of the Strategy and Innovation Department of the National Securities Markets. Commission, Francisco del Elm.

One of the topics that will be discussed will be about crypto assets and how things done with them will be taxed, which will be spoken by State Finance Inspector Ignacio González.

Throughout the day, blockchain applications will also be seen in the private sector, from the art world to its relationship with the metaverse and the relationship between NFT or DLT technologies and artificial intelligence, to other areas such as finance, insurance or presence. Digital Euro.

Among the innovations, the participation of organizations and companies, such as ALASTRIA, University of Zaragoza and NTT Data stands out. Registration to participate in Legal Blockchain 2022 can be done through

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