Why Could Uniglo (GLO), Litecoin (LTC) Or Cronos (CRO) Be A Significantly Better Investment Than Bitcoin (BTC)?

The role of timing cannot be understated within the digital asset space. Investors who move quickly and join projects in their early stages of development often see far more profits than investors who join already established projects. It is for this reason that Uniglo (GLO), Litecoin (LTC), and Cronos (CRO) potentially offer better returns and thus a better investment opportunity than Bitcoin (BTC).  


When considering potential returns, investors must always bear in mind the total market cap; the larger this grows, the more difficult it is for a coin to put in significant gains. As the market cap grows, so does the capital required to significantly increase it, following the economic principle of diminishing returns.  


Uniglo (GLO) 


Uniglo is yet to launch on the open market, and this relatively small cap crypto is still in its initial presale. Investors have the opportunity to join this social currency at the ground level. Uniglo is introducing stability and appreciation in times of dire volatility. It does this through its Vault, which will hold a blend of NFT, digital, and real-world assets supporting the floor price of GLO and exposing the investor to a broad range of securities. This diversification reduces overall risk and improves long-term portfolio performance.  



Litecoin (LTC) 


Litecoin was built based on Bitcoin with a few tweaks to ensure it could provide faster and lower-cost payments. It is one of the only complimentary digital assets in the sphere, designed to be silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Most of the breakthroughs for the Bitcoin network have first been deployed on Litecoin. 


Relatively, compared to BTC, this smaller cap crypto has far more room for growth. Having survived numerous market cycles and consistently put in new ATH (All-Time Highs), it is an often forgotten token that investors should follow more closely.  


Cronos (CRO) 


CRO is the native token of the Cronos Blockchain and the utility token of the popular cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com. It was created to help further adoption and introduce more ordinary market participants to digital assets. CRO is highly similar to BNB in many regards, and both of these exchange utility tokens are tied to the performance of their exchange. Crypto.com continues to expand rapidly, and offering one of the simplest ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, CRO will inevitably appreciate as adoption swells. 


Bitcoin (BTC) 


Bitcoin is the king of digital assets. Frequently referred to as digital gold. Early faith in this project made plenty of ordinary people obscenely wealthy. BTC trades at $23,000 and has recently broken out of a bearish trend. Whether this becomes the start of a new bull rally or is just a bear market relief rally waits to be seen.  


Final Thoughts 


Bitcoin’s total market cap sits close to $450 billion, the necessary injection of capital to dramatically increase this is insane. For this reason, investors searching for the greatest returns are often better served by looking to lower cap crypto projects and sharing in the journey upwards.  


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