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LONDON (Bywire News) – Over the last few months EOS has been on a remarkable journey. Its mission is to separate itself from the previous misconceptions attached to the project. Much of that work is now paying off. In terms of development and technical progress, EOS has never looked more promising and the rest of the crypto world is sitting up and starting to take notice. With more initiatives coming, the way in which these roll out could prove to be a tipping point. 

Yves Crypto Coin Show Feature 

Much of its success will be determined by how it presents itself to a wider audience. That’s why Yves La Rose of the ENF took time to talk to Ashton Addison for his latest Crypto Coin Newsletter entitled “Which Layer 1’s outperform this next bull run?” During the interview, he discussed project funding, GameFi, EVM compatibility and the potential for EOS to explode.

Features such as this are introducing EOS to a much wider audience and help tell the story of all the developments which have happened since last year. It reshapes the narrative of B1’s failure and aims to gradually restore trust in the EOS ecosystem. 

Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon

Other similar initiatives are following in much the same vein. Trust EVM announced the launch of the GameFi Hackathon 2022 which is set to be on Monday, August 15th. This is an initiative for people to build GameFi projects on EOS.

The event will go on for a month ending on September 23rd and the overall aim of the hackathon is to attract developers to build GameFi on the Trust EVM blockchain. 

The top projects will share a prize pool of $150,000 and each year they will get full support from the Trust EVM team as well as assistance in exposure and promotion to global investors.

Mandel v3.1 Release Features

The consensus upgrade from EOSIO to Mandel is a month away and developers have been testing it to make sure it’s ready for mainnet launch on September 28th. The ENF published a blog post with the new release features for Mandel.

These new features include:

• Transaction Failure Tracing and New Transaction Endpoint

• Transaction Retry

• Transaction Finality Status

• Transaction Resource Cost Estimation

• Subjective Billing Improvements

• Other additional features

Once the upgrade goes live on the EOS mainnet it will mark the disperse from Block.One’s contributions to the EOSIO codebase. The Mandel evolution will be shaped by the needs of the EOSIO coalition chains.

Yield+ Smart Contracts Pass Code Audit

On August 8th, 2022, Yield+ smart contracts were going through a code audit by SAENTNL to find any bugs or potential issues. The results came back clean and they have been declared ready for launch.

These smart contracts will govern the operations of the Yield+ incentive program and having the contracts pass the audit was the last required phase before being deployed.

The ENF has announced that their DeFi program will launch this month with registrations opening on August 14th and rewards starting on August 28th. The ENF described it as “the launch of the Yield+ Incentive program marks a major milestone that increases opportunities for dApp developers to be rewarded, and EOS users to earn yield on the EOS mainnet.”

All of these developments show an ecosystem which is evolving quickly. The EOS community is working together to create a blockchain with the speed, scalability and sustainability to power the web3 revolution. However, having great technology is only part of the story. EOS also needs to communicate its vision to the rest of the crypto-verse.

(Writing by Samba Jallow, editing by Klaudia Fior and Tom Cropper)

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