Valencia Investors Create Fund To Invest In Startups With Blockchain And NFT Technology

CEO of Firmex and Services Company, a Valencia, Spain company blockchain, Dekalabs, David Ortega, announces the launch of a fund to invest startup With a business model related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and technology Blockchain.

Fermax CEO, Jeremy Palacio explained the following to Valencia Plaza newspaper:

“With our participation at Declabs we continue to forge into new lines of business, seeking to gain technological know-how and innovation. We cannot stand still in such a changing and fast-paced world, we need to innovate. and look for new product lines, which is a challenge in our day to day.

The fund or company will operate under the name DKFMX Innovation Labs and will operate similar to companies that are now benchmarked, such as StadioPlus or NS18, that integrate the technology. blockchain in your business model and NFTs.

In June, StadioPlus launched its SaaS-based NFT white label, aiming to mark a turning point in Spanish sport by bringing athletes closer to their fans with the help of the latest communication technologies. blockchain And this metaverso,

“An example of what your NFT platform can be. Without code. With the help of StadioPlus technology, NoCode, SaaS and Blockchain it’s like a perfect match. Join the future. Interesting, isn’t it? One click gives you the future separates from joining.”

According to Valencia Plaza, in 2021, Firmex acquired a 20% stake in DeKalabs, a consulting firm specializing in the technical optimization of Industry 4.0-related digital projects. And that same year, he started a division to sell services. “Wise City”, So DKFMX Innovation Labs will be their next step.

Spain is one of the most cryptocurrencies adopting countries in the world, as even the Spanish government recently announced that it would invest 3.8 million in Metaverse-related projects to benefit small and medium-sized companies. Euro will be invested.

“Excerpt from the Order dated July 6, 2022, which establishes the regulatory basis for assistance assisted by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure and calls for assistance for pilot development projects and innovation of processes through related technologies The Metaverse and the Web 3.0”.

Enemables Tokenization

In addition, there are 21 crypto companies that have begun to be part of the Bank of Spain’s Registry of Suppliers of Wallet Custody Services, which wants companies with cryptocurrency services to comply with the demands and requirements set forth in the Prevention Rules. Counterfeiting and financing of terrorism.


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