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If you’re looking to outsmart the current market conditions, then you’re in the right place. Savvy investors are increasing their holdings in certain coins that they think are going to perform well over the coming months. The current market has been somewhat difficult to make money in, but it hasn’t been impossible. There are still plenty of upsides out there. That’s because even though we’re in a bear run, it hasn’t been as bad as many expected. And it’s not all been bad news for the crypto industry. Some coins have been performing exceptionally well. You just have to do the right research, listen to the right advice, and invest in the right tokens. Current market conditions aren’t easy to outsmart if you just follow the mainstream crowds and invest in the wrong tokens, but there are still profits to be made. So which tokens have the potential to catapult your portfolio into success over the coming months? Let’s have a look…

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has been making big strides in recent weeks. It has a ton of great tech that make it unique in the crypto world, and it answers key issues not just in digital finance, but in the global currency world too. With a range of innovative features, more and more people are choosing GLO for their portfolios even though it’s still only in pre-sale. But this gives early adopters a unique opportunity to invest in a token at the bottom and hopefully ride it all the way to the top.

Inflation has been a big problem in the economy for some time. And it’s getting worse. Your dollars and other fiat currencies are becoming worth less and less over time. Things are becoming more expensive in shops, and a recession is on its way. Inflation can often be due to an oversupply of currency, it can be printed whenever necessary to raise central funds, but this devalues all the existing currency in circulation. With GLO, no new tokens will ever be minted or printed. It’s got an exceptional dual-burn mechanism that makes it more and more scarce over time. It’s also got a full asset-backed store of value, a gold-peg that’s diversified into a range of assets, something fiat currencies all lost long ago. All of these features make GLO a complete inflation buster, and one with a solid price you can enjoy the growth of over time.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is still a savvy investment, despite being the biggest coin in the world. It’s often the first place money goes when confidence returns to the crypto space, and has plenty of potential to climb back up to all-time highs and beyond. BTC will always be a player in the crypto world, that’s why investors love it right now.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot enables the transfer of digital assets across multiple blockchains, a key solution that the space has needed for some time. Not just tokens, either, all sorts of digital assets can be transferred on DOT. Experts think it’s another key pick for your portfolio right now.


GLO, DOT and BTC could all help revolutionalize your portfolio despite market conditions. That’s why they’re all a buy and hold for the long term right now.

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