Top Whales Move from Litecoin and Stellar to Rebel Satoshi

Rebel Satoshi


  • BitPay reveals Litecoin as the leading choice in crypto transactions over the past two months.
  • Ripple’s CTO joins discussion on Stellar-XLM correlation on X/Twitter.
  • Rebel Satoshi promotes rebel-based meme philosophies and decentralized finance.

Despite the highly-anticipated favorable outcome of Bitcoin ETF approvals, top altcoins Litecoin (LTC) and Stellar (XLM) have dipped slightly. This has prompted some whales to move towards the new rebellious meme token Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ).

The reason is that the project is a few weeks before getting launched. Investors recognize time is of the essence so they can become early adopters. Learn more about Rebel Satoshi after uncovering the pertinent developments for Litecoin and Stellar.

Litecoin Emerges As The Most Commonly Used Transactional Crypto

Understandably, Bitcoin has a more dominant trading volume than Litecoin. Although it’s also one of the go-to mediums of exchange, BTC is infamously slow and expensive. The creation of Litecoin was, in part, to solve these problems.

Aside from the platform producing impressive individual numbers, it’s also beating out other top crypto coins. BitPay, the leading crypto payment processor globally, offers some interesting statistics.

Their latest insights show that Litecoin accounted for 38.25% of the crypto payments last month, with Bitcoin in second place with 23.24%. LTC held the top spot in November 2023 with 34.52%, beating out DOGE, BTC, USDC, BCH, etc.

Despite this success, LTC is down slightly on the charts, dropping 9.33% from $77.20 to $70. Yet, should Litecoin maintain or improve its current adoption trajectory, it can surpass $120 by 2025, according to forecasts.

Stellar And XRP Price Correlation Has Ripple CTO Talking

Stellar and XRP share the same founder and deal with low-cost, speedy, cross-border blockchain-based payments. However, Stellar focuses more on the unbanked population, while XRP is geared more towards financial institutions. 

Enthusiasts have noted the striking correlation between XLM and XRP, sparking a series of tweets that involved Ripple’s chief technology officer (CTO) David Schwartz. Some users seemed unhappy that XLM and XRP were so strongly correlated.

Schwartz stated he didn’t believe ” some kind of manipulation or evil force is somehow making them track.” The CTO also pointed out that XRP and XLM are influenced by the same forces as other cryptos but didn’t have all the answers.

XLM is down a similar extent (7%) to LTC over the past few days, from $0.125 to $0.117. Fortunately, many forecasts expect it to exceed at least $0.50 by 2025.

Finally, let’s explore Rebel Satoshi in the last phase of its sought-after presale.


Rebel Satoshi Merges Rebel Meme Culture And DeFi

Rebel Satoshi is an emerging rebel-based meme coin uniquely blending meme culture and elements from the best DeFi projects while promoting a movement against the modern financial system. The project’s mascots include Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto, who represent social justice and the digital revolution, respectively.

While Rebel Satoshi signifies a rally for financial change, it hopes to instill a defiant spirit in its growing community to challenge the norms. The project will demonstrate the power of a collective force capable of achieving the most audacious milestones.

$100 million in market cap is Rebel Satoshi‘s ultimate short-term goal, giving it the financial power to fulfill its revolutionary objectives and reward the community. The $RBLZ token is the centerpiece of this ecosystem.

The first benefit includes staking rewards, as members can ‘lock up’ their $RBLZ to strengthen the blockchain while earning passive income. $RBLZ is also required in the Rebel Artefacts Vault, a soon-to-be popular NFT marketplace with 9,999 unique collectibles and digital art characters.

The token is the subject of Rebel Satoshi‘s presale, which is in the last stage, Monarchs Round 4. Given the incredible demand, $RBLZ has surged 120% in value from $0.010 (from the first round) to $0.022 and will rise 13.6% to $0.025. This is set to happen in a few weeks, right before $RBLZ lists on exchanges.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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