The Hobbit Star Stephen Hunter To Share Hollywood Secrets With Dogliens NFT Holders

Stephen Hunter will be offering creative session for the NFT project Dogliens

Stephen Hunter who played Bombur in The Hobbit will be running creative character development workshops aimed at helping individuals tap into their potential.

I’m really passionate about unleashing people’s creativity and really looking at what stops us from reaching our potential as creative individuals.”

— Stephen Hunter

LOS ANGELES , CA, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2022 / — A new NFT project that is merging the world of storytelling and personal development is attracting Hollywood stars who want to connect to fans in the world of web3. Stephen Hunter who played Bombur in the Hobbit will be using the Discord platform to run creative sessions for Dogliens holders when the project is launched soon.

Dogliens tells the story of Ralph, a dog who is abused by his owner, who then dies and turns into an alien. Ralph finds his way home to Paw Planet, only to discover that it is under attack by robots. In order to save the other Dogliens, he must go back to earth. This is where the NFT holders come in, as they help develop the story and build a magical new world to connect, have fun and grow.

The NFT project creates something fresh and exciting for the community because as the story develops, it will shift the demand for some of the characters. In addition, when a holder starts to build both characters and storylines, they will become more excited to hold their digital asset.

Stephen will bring his experience from the big screen and join the community to help spark the imagination of individuals who want to make the most of their investment. Dogliens is also heavily focused on improving emotional well-being, with story-themed meditation sessions and personal coaching as part of the experience.

“With my business The Actor’s Coach I work with actors for auditions with a lot of skill-based work, but the other thing I’m really passionate about is unleashing people’s creativity and really looking at what stops us from reaching our potential as creative individuals. There’s usually something that stops us, we all have something”, said Stephen.

The first Dogliens collection will be made up of 2,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and will be available on the popular NFT trading platform Opensea. Ideas for future collections will be developed by the community and these collections will act like a series of movies, making it an appealing investment for both Hollywood fans and those who have an interest in investing in their own personal growth and development.

The project is the brainchild of Simon Lovell, a personal development coach who experienced childhood bullying and trauma and went on a long journey to heal from substance abuse. Simon entered the web3 space and found himself wanting to develop a project that brought the worlds of storytelling and improving mental health together.

“I love being creative, and after being in the web3 space for a while, it helped me to open my eyes as to what was possible to create lasting change. My King Charles Cavalier Buddha has played a huge part in my emotional recovery, and this is such a fun way to help people. After meeting with Stephen and his passion for both storytelling and helping to build people’s confidence, it was the perfect fit to work together”.

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