The Gold Standard of NFT Memberships, What You Need To Know

For some time now, NFTs have been the recent trend in the digital space, with investors making consistent profits from their sales.

These NFTs are digital representations of a wide variety of collections, which could range from pictures to videos, games, and even tweets (Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet on the Twitter app as an NFT).

While these are huge improvements and have benefited investors a lot in terms of serving as an alternative option, there are still other forms of NFTs that offer even more.

Follow me as I welcome you into the world of the RAM NFT Membership.

RAM NFT Membership: An Introduction


RAM NFT membership is said to be the future of NFTs as it presents a one-size-fits-all situation for NFT enthusiasts, providing exclusive access to 12 amazing NFT collections.

Plans have been set in motion to bring about some NFT collections in the future, which will include 3D art, 2D art, digital comic books, and Metaverse/AR/VR NFTs. Some of the NFTs will have utility within RiseAngle’s NFT Games Metaverse, and some will be randomly generated.

Also, by having a RAM NFT in your name, you get to mint an NFT per month from different collections for a total of 12 consecutive months. This is because RAM itself is an NFT and can be bought and sold in secondary markets.

The amazing NFT membership was created by RiseAngle Inc., a company which follows and creates NFTs based on the latest NFT trends, which means all you have to do is sit down and relax and watch them do a perfect job for you.

What exactly is RiseAngle, Inc.?

RiseAngle Inc. is a company that focuses on disruptive gaming. These disruptive games are usually fun to play and are virtuous in nature due to their buildup.

By virtuous, the company implies that playing these virtuous games will make the players better people as they influence certain emotions and feelings such as compassion, empathy, and self-worth.

This means that these games are not your average every-day games and, as such, have a different purpose for which they were created.

RiseAngle has so far released five games with more than 300,000 installs with the belief that immersive storytelling is still in its infancy stage and that with the introduction of blockchain and NFTs, opportunities have become available for technological innovations in storytelling.

At the moment, the company is working on releasing two amazing products which are poised to have groundbreaking and remarkable features. These two products are World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse and RAM NFT.

Types of RAM Candidates

In terms of RAM NFT collection candidates, RiseAngle has announced four of them so far, which offer unique features that I will take my time explaining in detail. You can check them out below:

1. Epic World of Mazes NFT Collection

This collection is scheduled to be released this year and it contains some amazing artwork, as can be seen on the RiseAngle website.

Interestingly, these artworks are artworks that have been utilized in RiseAngle games or will still be used in the future in the games or Metaverse.

What this means is that you get access to game-based NFTs from a game company, which gives you an inside peek through NFTs, which is quite amazing to say the least.

2. RAM Cats Compilation


This is a collection of amazing, unique cats that are well generated and poised to be a major competitor to the Cool Cats collection. The Cool Cats collection is a well-known project for those who have been in the NFT space for a while.

The Cool Cats collection comes with a specific graphic design for a particular taste and a 10ETH+ floor price as at the time this article was written.

3. RAM Mazes

This is also another fantastic collection from RAM collection candidates with the highest potential to join the Metaverse.

It is a project that RiseAngle seems to be keeping under wraps, but given its potential for massive utility in the Metaverse, it is generally believed that it is only a matter of time before this particular project gets unveiled by RiseAngle and becomes part of the Metaverse.

4. Deep Green Mazes Digital Comic Book

Just as the name sounds, this is a digital comic book that has been introduced in the form of an NFT, something that is not usually common in the world of NFTs, with Punks Comics being one of the very few digital comic books in existence.

Punks Comic has been able to set the pace for a whole new world of amazing NFT innovations and opportunities, and I believe Deep Green Mazes will build on top of that and take the innovation further.

These 4 collections, as explained above, are all excellent in their purpose, and RiseAngle is steadily becoming a platform that can provide a strong foundation, with amazing innovations from an experienced team.

Should you wish to buy a RAM NFT, the below explained is a very simple way you could get your hands on one:

Buying a RAM NFT

Buying a RAM NFT is quite easy as there is RAM Gen 1 and RAM Gen 2, representing different generations of the RAM NFT.

If you wish to buy the RAM Gen 1, simply head on over to OpenSea, where there exist up to 400 RAM Gen 1 NFTs since its release last year.

As for RAM Gen 2, which was released recently in June 2022, the mint is now closed and you can find it also on OpenSea and other secondary markets to buy.

Bear in mind that both the RAM Gen 1 and the RAM Gen 2 achieve the same objective, although the RAM Gen 1 comes with more perks in the form of higher collections of up to 18 in total instead of the usual 12 from which you can mint and a special airdrop that was exclusively meant for RAM Gen 1 users.

All in all, RAM NFT is a great entry point to the NFT space and metaverse, as it is an all-encompassing product that has something to offer for every taste.

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