Meta Studio launches METAS token

Meta Studio announces METAS token launch, the cryptocurrency token will power the first business metaverse for content creators.

METAS will power the first business metaverse for content creators, where work feels like play while building an income they can rely on.”

— Adrian Niculescu, CEO MetaStudio

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, September 2, 2022 / — Meta Studio announces METAS private token launch, the cryptocurrency token that will power the first business metaverse for content creators.

The first business metaverse for content creators officially announces the private launch of their native cryptocurrency token.

Meta Studio is a Switzerland-based company with a globally distributed team that works in developing a highly customized business metaverse. METAS is the utility token that will power the first web 3 space for content creators, streamers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Built on Polygon (MATIC) technology, this metaverse token will be fast, easy and cheap, allowing the use of multi-coin wallets.

,,We are excited to announce achieving the next step in our roadmap. The METAS launch brings the metaverse for content creators one step closer to becoming reality. Our project will offer influencers and entrepreneurs an immersive and seamless experience, to build, expand and monetize their communities.” says CEO Adrian Niculescu.

MetaStudio is the virtual universe where one can create and sell content, develop meaningful interactions, build a business and create a permanent income while feeling like playing. We are talking about a fully DeFi platform, where all the generated revenue goes to the creator.

Partnering with one of world’s top blockchain development companies in the world today for their token launch, Blochain XDev , this project promises top tech infrastructure to ensure their users top-quality features. Being carefully designed by a crypto architects team, METAS allows transactions completely safe and anonymised under SmartContract technology, giving full autonomy of the virtualized content ( NFTs ) sold by the creators.

Benefiting from the valuable guidance and expertise of Polygon engineers, MetaStudio’s token is airtight secure, having peak functionalities. From the legal framework perspective, the choice was definitely working with the best. For ensuring the safest experience and removing all risks for the many future users, they chose Quantstamp as their audit platform, also obtaining a clear status as Utility Token with before any sale.

The METAS token launch is just the first step for this continuously developing team, who wants to create the first metaverse centered around what makes most of us tick in the online mediums: work, business and creativity. Join Meta Studio’s whitelist to be the first to get updated about this amazing opportunity.

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