The Crunchy Aggregator – DEX Trade Routing For Optimal Tezos DeFi Swaps

The Crunchy DEX Aggregator

The Crunchy DEX Aggregator works by analyzing price and pool data across multiple DEXs, it then generates a trade route for the user that gives you the most optimal Tezos DeFi swaps. 

The aggregator analyzes several API endpoints across Tezos-based DEXs for price and pool data.

This enables the aggregate to calculate price and liquidity data for each token on each DEX in the DeFi ecosystem.

Depending on the token and amount in the swap, the aggregate will use this data to generate the optimal swap route, ensuring you are getting the most from your trade.

The Crunchy application goes farther than generating a single pool swap by utilizing something called “split pool weighted trading”.

These additional calculations allows a trade to utilize multiple pools for the same token across multiple DEXs, further optimizing the trade.

You will find this feature comparable to that of the 1inch DEX on Ethereum. 

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