Spain’s First Winery To Move Its Business To The Metaverse

Dominio del Pidio Winery is the first Spanish winery to take its business into the metaverse, positioning it as a leader in the use of new technologies to ensure that its customers and users have a unique digital experience. Thanks to the Metaverse, it will be possible to visit an incredible place with access, purchase products through its state-of-the-art Connected Experience, enjoy events in environments created by and for wine lovers, and connect with people with similar interests. , One of the oldest locations in the production of wine in Spain, the underground universe of Dominio del Pidio Cellars takes on a whole new dimension. Dominio del Pidio has become the first winery to offer a fully immersive experience among its centenary cellars, thanks to the Metaverse technology developed by technology company Ole Digital Solutions.

Through the creation of the winery’s digital twin in a virtual environment, users can enter a centuries-old winery with their own avatar, immerse themselves in its history and visit the cellars where times, contradictory has stagnated. From mobile phones to virtual reality devices, they are the key to accessing this new connected experience, where the past and the future go hand in hand, providing endless possibilities for interaction.

Pidio’s Domain: Return to Origin

The winery, owned by the Aragon family—associated for generations with the wine sector in Ribera del Duero—was born in 2006 with the aim of preserving traditional values ​​in winemaking in Quintana del Pidio, Burgos. The municipality, whose future was marked by its ties with the Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery, was for centuries the pantry that supplied wine to Castilian knights, abbots and warriors.

Proof of this is the underground labyrinth that weaves its way under the land of Quintana del Pidio and, after centuries of deep lethargy, was reborn in part of the Dominio del Pidio. The Aragon family opted to reclaim the municipality’s cultural heritage, rehabilitating a historic neighborhood of wineries that date from the 16th century, where their wines are currently vintage.

A 3D Wine Cellar for a Complete Immersion Experience

Now this magical universe, the living legacy of wine history, opens its doors in a completely innovative way through a digital universe, drawn in 3D on the plans of five wineries and wineries recovered by the Aragon family. Dominio del Pidio’s Metaverse offers total immersion where textures, lights and shapes have been replicated so that this digital journey is faithful to the true experience of visiting the winery. This distinction and pioneering project in this area have made it possible to unite ancient techniques with the most advanced technology in winemaking: the metaverse.

“Dominio del Pidio is much more than a winery: we bring together the ethnography and roots of the grape. We understand that we must look to the past to build the future, in a transversal way: with respect to the soil that makes our vines This philosophy now takes on a new dimension with the metaverse, which gives us opportunities for the history of wine, a cultural heritage that belongs to all of us, our present and To converge with the future. Technology that allows you to experiment, discover, connect and live new experiences. We want to be able to explore the possibilities offered by the Metaverse and through this new digital one now without Very happy to be able to share their spaces and philosophy of a range. Paradigm”, says Roberto Aragon, commercial director of the winery.

A virtual tour through the history of wine. A project that conceptualizes the past and the future, a virtual space that opens the door to endless possibilities and business experiences connecting with clients and their new habits of living a complementary reality.

This space has been created by Ole Digital Solutions SL, thanks to its design and development team, to offer endless possibilities of a real environment in a virtual world, from concerts, to visiting its galleries while enjoying art exhibitions. To do or buy the products available in such particular meeting point.

As its founder and CEO, Ana Velios explains: “At Olay we try to keep abreast of new trends. We love to innovate and create. We are always on the lookout for new challenges in the technology market that will help us allow us to differentiate ourselves above and beyond. All to which we can add value. Always aiming to use technology to help companies transform their business models and develop and optimize their business models for connected users To help in. As the technology of the Metaverse, the boundaries between the virtual world and the virtual world are being thinned to the real world, the Metaverse of Dominio del Pidio offers lucrative opportunities. This project allows us to explore new places , allowing people and cultures to respond to the demand to be discovered. And, of course, the wine region in Spain to value something as special and unique.” The project has gone through several phases until the construction of a digital replica of the 2,800m3 warehouse and is available on a spatial platform. The first stage involves the concept of a record of sketches and annotations of space through techniques such as Procreate or Paper, using the Sharp 3D tool, until 3D modeling with more precise contexts is reached. During the third phase, Dominio’s three-dimensional world was “brought to life” with professional tools Blender and Unity, with the aim of recreating the winery’s texture and lighting effects and creating an even more surreal experience.

As he explains to Olay Digital Solutions, the interesting thing about this new technology is that not only is a real world created in a digital context, but also that as the technology advances, different visitors will be able to access it. Endless possibilities open up for coexistence. A single digital stage and design events with endless possibilities from virtual tastings, exhibitions or concerts.

With this parallel digital world “underground” and now “in the cloud”, Dominio del Pidio winery has become a leader in the wine sector in our country. Offering a Journey to the Past with Future Technology: Bringing all users closer to the stage where their past is written, allowing us to witness their present, and where they now make their plans for the future.

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