Source Protocol Integrates EonXI Lab To Launch New Metaverse

Source Protocol, a multi-chain and interoperable DeFi ecosystem, has partnered with an innovative Web3 studio, EonXI Labs, to create a joint virtual world venture that will drive mass adoption of web3 technology.

In an August 23 press release, the Source Protocol and EonXI Lab confirmed their successful integration to establish a joint metaverse venture dubbed “SourceWorld.”The new metaverse venture will allow experienced developers, motion graphics designers, and 3D artists to build enterprise-grade Web3 infrastructure and products on an efficient and scalable distributed network.

Source Protocol & EonXI Integration

Founded in 2019, EonXI is an incubation studio that scales ideas in different companies. Since its inception, EonXi has been building, investing, and empowering founders across the Web 3.0, gaming, and consumer sectors. Under the new integration, Source Protocol will leverage EonXi capabilities to create a new metaverse venture and deliver a new revolutionary ecosystem for businesses and consumers.

In addition to in-house development, the newly created joint venture “SourceWorld” will focus on campaigning and fostering a thousand-strong developers’ ecosystem on the Source Protocol multi-chain.

SourceWorld envisioned creating access to decentralized virtual environments. It hopes to enable users to interact on endless levels, including enterprise business, gaming, and the metaverse. In order to achieve that, the metaverse venture has onboarded a diverse team of engineers, influencers, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the United States that will help it navigate and adopt decentralized products and processes to improve its transparency, access, equity, and economic scale.

According to the team behind the development, SourceWorld has begun by creating a photo-realistic and interoperable “SourceWorld Metaverse,” which will be powered by Source Protocol’s underlying DeFi infrastructure.

SourceWorld Metaverse

The joint team anticipates creating a permission-less and easily accessible virtual world environment. Its SourceWorld Metaverse will allow users to host virtual meetings and events, play games, buy and develop on virtual land, access decentralized banking and financial instruments, shop borderless at their favorite retailers, and stream live content.

Moreover, with the help of personal avatars and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) products, SourceWorld metaverse will allow users to own, customize and create value with unlimited variations of digital assets.

Source Protocol and EonXi believe that their joint metaverse venture will drive massive adoption of the Web3 industry among crypto enthusiasts to lead the trillion-dollar Web3 economy. While commenting about the joint metaverse venture in a recent interview, Aaron Wilson, the CEO of EonXI Lab, remarked:

“We are staging what will become the top global metaverse platform as we speak – an economy without limitation – the movement we’re seeing on the ground is directly in line with Gray Scale’s recent projection of the metaverse being a $1 trillion market opportunity.”

In the future, SourceWorld anticipates becoming the innovation hub for users to develop and host decentralized communication, big data, business, gaming, entertainment, finance, science, governance, and more.


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