Solana price explodes after this announcement about Saga phone

  • Solana Mobile announced the pre-ordering of Saga phones for users in the US, Canada, UK and the European Union.
  • Solana price exploded, posting nearly 8% gains overnight as the crypto market recovers from the slump. 
  • Analysts have predicted a short-lived Solana price rally, with an upside target of $44. 

Solana Mobile started accepting pre-orders for Saga phones in select countries worldwide, according to a recent announcement. Analysts believe Solana’s price rally is short-lived and upside is capped at $44. 

Solana Mobile invites pre-orders for Saga phones

Solana Mobile invited users to pre-order Saga phones at the Solana mobile store. Solana Mobile is the mobile technology company developing the Solana Mobile Stack and the Saga phone. A subsidiary of Solana Labs, the firm contributes to development on the Solana protocol. 

The flagship Android mobile phone can now be pre-ordered, 10 devices per Solana wallet. The phone is integrated with the Solana blockchain, and makes it easy and secure to transact in web3 and manage digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies. 

In the initial launch announcement, it was revealed that customers who pre-order the Saga phone are eligible to receive a Saga Pass – an NFT that accompanies the first wave of Saga mobile devices and acts as the first ticket to influence the direction of the platform. 

Saga is Solana’s mobile experience for individuals, developers and community members who are keen on embracing a future of web3-enabled hardware. Pre-orders for the phone require a $100 fully refundable deposit. The Saga phone costs about $1,000 and is currently prioritized for developers in order to test the mobile stack. 

Solana price explodes, analysts argue upside is capped

Solana price exploded overnight, posting nearly 8% gains and breaking past the $37 level. Despite the optimism, analysts argue Solana’s upside is capped. If Solana continues its uptrend, the altcoin could break past $42.85 and hit the $44 target. 

However, it is likely that the Solana price rally is short-lived. Analysts argue that Solana price action is hanging by a thread, for details check this video:


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