Shiba Inu Wikipedia Section on the Works to Fight FUDs and Scams about SHIB

As a report as it, the Shiba Inu team is currently working on a Wikipedia section for the in-house and incoming community members to get accurate information about SHIB.

According to a SHIB community member who is close to the matter, the Shiba Inu Wikipedia section will feature community contributors and projects. It will also serve as a means to wage war against FUDS and scams related to Shiba Inu (SHIB) ecosystem.

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The community member with a Twitter handle @ShibBPP pointed out that it’s expected to get implemented soon.

“As a living document of all official and/or verified SHIB information, SHIB is currently creating a Wikipedia. It will also highlight and feature community contributors and projects. SHIBARMY I am hoping that this will be implemented soon to help eliminate some of the scams.”

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Another Community Member Confirms the Upcoming Development

Trophias, SHIB Defense Team Alpha / Co-Lead, who knows about the matter also confirmed the upcoming development.

According to Trophias, Shibarium documentation and Woofpaper v3 are also part of the development in the works.

Trophias responded, “Can confirm there is a wiki/doc section in the works. It’s gotta look sleek! Shibarium Documentation and Woofpaper v3 is also a part of this as well.”

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