Shiba Inu hits 3.74m Addresses; Quant and InQubeta garnering more attention

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If anyone thought memes were just fun coins, they must look at what Shiba Inu (SHIB) has managed to do. The most popular meme coin recently reported that the number of active wallet addresses on its network has crossed 3.74 million. According to experts, the figure reflects how well the meme coin has adapted to a dynamic market focusing on utility.

Apart from Shiba Inu, InQubeta (QUBE) and Quant (QNT) are two other projects that are being monitored. Their strong growth has created quite a stir and has helped boost their user base. 

Interest in InQubeta is due to the presale sale, which has seen over $8.3 million raised.

InQubeta: connecting AI startups with investor networks

On InQubeta, startups and investors interact via a transparent NFT marketplace. At the portal, the NFTs sold are based on companies’ offers for investors. These NFTs are a hassle-free way of introducing an AI project to the buyer and showing them how they can benefit from it. 

These NFTs can be fractionalised and are bought with QUBE tokens – the platform’s native cryptocurrency.

InQubeta’s utility as a crypto project for startups goes beyond funding. It offers various services that enable startups to scale their business while avoiding rookie mistakes. 

The most popular of its business development services is mentorship and guidance, where startups interact with industry professionals and learn from experiences. The advice can help startups identify potential risks and navigate through them.

The other services offered by InQubeta are legal and accounting support. Startups can depend on a team of trusted advisors to guide them on financial issues and legal tangles. 

Marketing support is also available to boost a startup’s image and help it drive impact. InQubeta can connect startup teams with experts from multiple fields and help the former expand their network.

By tapping into its social media channels, startups can spread the word about their brand and increase their outreach.

9.6 trillion SHIB moved to large wallets in 48 hours

Inspired by a Japanese dog breed, Shiba Inu has tapped into the popularity of viral memes to create an innovative asset. 

Its utility token is SHIB, and it has a separate token for governance, BONE. The LEASH is another crypto rolled out by the project to award exclusive perks to loyal supporters. 

One can quickly gauge how widespread the crypto is because Shiba Inu now has over 3.74 million wallet addresses. Analysts see this as a positive sign and suggest intriguing scenarios about Shiba Inu’s future price movement.

Shiba Inu unlocked another achievement after reports that around 9.6 trillion SHIB tokens were transferred into large-scale wallets in 48 hours, according to data from IntoTheBlock.

Quant’s overledger launched on Zapier store

Quant is a distributed ledger technology that enables developers to create multi-chain dapps and other decentralized solutions. 

Its solutions can help businesses create new blockchain-powered models and central banks deploy customized crypto tokens.

Quant’s popularity reached new highs as its network grew by driving global impact. Analysts monitoring the market suggest that QUANT’s rise indicates an exciting growth trajectory, and people should consider accumulating their QNT holdings. 

In a recent development, Quant announced the launch of the Overledger platform in the Zapier store. With the launch, QNT users can create automated workflows for their businesses. Zapier is a no-code platform that can be integrated with applications or systems to automate workflows.


Shiba Inu, Quant, and InQubeta are all rising in popularity. In 2023, these cryptocurrencies remained at the top of their game even as the market went through a fair share of highs and lows.

Analysts see their growth as a direct result of their user-friendly models, high degree of decentralization, and the ability to keep up with technology. Shiba Inu will continue to expand its ecosystem, and InQubeta will promote innovation in AI through its startup-friendly services. 

These platforms provide cutting-edge security frameworks that prevent users’ assets and privacy from falling into the wrong hands.

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