Revolutux: The Next Altcoin to Prioritise Staking With Alongside Cardano

Staking is one way for cryptocurrency users to make money, and many crypto enthusiasts with a long-term focus are going all the way in to make fortunes with it. To help people get more value for their crypto holdings, many cryptocurrencies, including the upcoming altcoin Revolutux, offer users the chance to participate in staking.

Elsewhere, cryptocurrency news has demonstrated Cardano as among the most staked cryptos. No doubt, staking Cardano has proven profitable, and the numbers are there to back up the point.

This article will expose readers to how Revolux will prioritise staking the same way Cardano has and why it will be a good option to watch out for as far as staking is concerned.

Cardano (ADA): Leading Staking Altcoin

Staking Cardano is an excellent way to earn passive income. According to statistics, Cardano is the leading staking token by market capitalization on CoinMarketCap. Cardano also makes it into the top 5 on Statista’s list of the biggest cryptos in the world based on total staked value as of May 17, 2022.

Based on Statistica’s report, Cardano’s staking value comprised more than 70% of its circulating supply. This percentage is significantly higher than for Ethereum (ETH).

Staking with Cardano means you’re staking your Cardano address. As such, you’re staking your balance in the pool. However, you can still spend your Cardano whenever you choose by performing normal transactions while your token is staked.

Cardano operates on a powerful proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and guarantees an average annual return of 5-9% for staking.

Revolotux (RVLT): Staking and Rewards For Everyone

Revolutux is a new deflationary altcoin seeking to create a low-risk, strategic, frictionless, and decentralised environment for anyone who wants to participate in the global trading of digital assets with cheap fees. One important crypto aspect the new Revolutux seeks to prioritise, like Cardano, is staking.

Revolutux employs a PoS consensus to safeguard users’ staked financial assets within a Secure Asset Fund that is heavily secured. Revolux’s staking systems will allow users to make money by receiving holding incentives for keeping their cryptocurrencies for a long time within the token’s ecosystem.

According to the plan, actively rewarding users who hang on to their Revolotux for an extended period, the crypto project will create an ecosystem that gets its value from the community it has created.

Staking Revolutux offers several benefits. One most recognized is that preserving the token does not require a continual energy supply. As a result, staking Revolutux will be particularly advantageous since it does not impact the environment negatively.

Outside staking, those who buy Revolutux during the pre-sale will get many benefits. For example, a referral program is in place to reward existing buyers who invite their friends to buy. When the friend spends up to $200 on a purchase, both will receive a $50 bonus in Revolutux tokens.

Additionally, those who buy using fiat currency will get from 1% bonuses for a $100 purchase to a 45% bonus for spending up to $2500.

While cryptocurrency news is yet to announce when Revolutux will launch, it is expected to happen late in 2022 or early 2023. It has a total supply of 50 billion tokens and is currently on pre-sale.

Final Thoughts

Altcoins need to be able to generate passive income for users if they hope for relevance. Revlotux’s developers recognize this fact and have plans to make the altcoin a big income generator like Cardano via staking. As highlighted in the altcoin’s whitepaper, Revolutux staking platforms will aid token holders in getting token dividends.

As crypto enthusiasts await the cryptocurrency news’ announcement of Revolutux’s launch, there is an anticipation that it will live up to expectations like Cardano.




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