Revolutux, Solana, and Chainlink: Why the cryptocurrency market is optimistic about these names

Cryptocurrencies are the new stars of the financial services ecosystems as they overtake age-old practices, giving investors more control over their wealth. Apart from posting sustained results, cryptocurrencies also eliminate any scope of third-party interference and offer a greater degree of data privacy. It’s not just investors but even businesses that are adapting to the needs of the cryptocurrency loving audience and leveraging these blockchain based assets to gain a competitive edge.

If you are looking to spot some dependable investments in the cryptocurrency market, an ideal strategy would be to start researching some of the popular names like Revolutux (RVTL), Solana (SOL), Chainlink (LINK).

Revolutux: Rewards galore

Revolutux is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Apart from cryptocurrencies, users can also trade non-fungible tokens on the platform. It has its own native token RVLT that can be used for staking, yield farming,  liquidity pool provisioning, token swapping, and other transactional purposes. The total supply of the token is capped at 50,000,000,000 units. The supply will be divided among different categories like presale (25%), development (40%), marketing activities (15%), liquidity pool acquisition (15%), and team members.

While the platform does charge a 10% tax on all transactions processed on the platform, of the 10% tax, 5% is automatically credited to the wallets of users. Moreover, a certain percentage of Revolutux’s tax revenue goes towards maintaining ample liquidity. The platform leverages the potential of the proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

Interested buyers can purchase the token on presale and get a host of benefits on the transaction. However, these rewards will vary with factors like the cryptocurrency used in the transaction, the quantum spent on buying the RVLT token, and the stage of the presale, among others. For example, if a person uses the Bitcoin token to purchase 8% of the tokens they will get 8% extra tokens for free. If a user purchases the token in the first stage of the presale, they will get 7% more tokens as a purchase. Moreover, if a user refers a friend to the platform, they will get $50 as referral rewards. Also, the tokens purchased on presale will have a lock-in period of two months.

The platform’s governance structure is based on the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) pattern that promotes community led operations. One example would be the voting rights users get by virtue of being token holders. Token holders can vote for proposals pitched on operational issues by other community members. As far as security goes, users’ assets are shielded by a Secure Asset Fund along with other safety features.

The platform has a unique staking programme that incentivises participation. It has introduced a reward system wherein stakeholders are compensated for the risks they take while investing their wealth and holding their tokens.

Solana announces the launch of Solana Spaces NYC

Solana is a blockchain-driven platform for building powerful and user-friendly dApps in a cost-effective manner. It has its own native token SOL that can be used for a range of transactional purposes like staking, yield farming, and liquidity pool provisioning, among other options. In a recent development, the blockchain platform announced the launch of the first retail and educational space on Web 3 – Solana Spaces NYC. The initiative is a joint effort of The Solana Foundation and other partners.

Chainlink Price Feeds to team up with Ooki Trade

Chainlink connects smart contracts with data and services by leveraging tamper-proof networks and computation. Its native token LINK can be used for a range of transactional purposes that include staking, yield farming, token swapping, and other use cases. Recently, Chainlink announced its platform’s integration with the decentralized platform Ooki Trade. As part of the partnership, Ooki trade will be using Chainlink Price Feeds to secure its decentralized exchange, check collaterals, distribute rewards, and verification of liquidation parameters.

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