Recap: DeFi Week of July 17

Hello Defiers! Happy weekend!

Anticipation isn’t an easy thing to measure in the markets. It’s an emotion, not a valuation or a token price. And yet the mounting anticipation for The Merge, Ethereum’s historic upgrade, clearly became a force in the crypto markets this week, with Ether jumping about 40% in the seven days through Friday. Other DeFi names — Aave, Uniswap, MakerDAO — also posted double-digit gains, shaking off the angst of a grinding bear market and spurring hope that maybe, just maybe, the worst is over.

As it happens, Ethereum’s Merge rally coincided with the rollout of the first offerings from The Defiant Terminal, our data dashboard on market action and analytics. Our crack team of reporters… continue reading at The Defiant Newsletter.

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