‘Putting Your Money in Cryptocurrencies Is Gambling’

MetaMask Founder Calls Cryptocurrency Investing Gambling

In an interview with Vice, Aaron Davis, the founder of MetaMask, a popular cryptocurrency wallet, stated that “putting your money in cryptocurrencies is gambling.” He also lambasted those that are putting large, necessary amounts of money into the controversial currency.

“I’m not saying what we have right now is the future of finance and [you should] move your life savings over. A lot of people are advocating that, and I think that is extremely dangerous behavior.”

The founder points out that despite the noble intentions of some, the unregulated nature of cryptocurrency is filled with schemers, scammers, and bad actors that use the technology to their advantage. MetaMask’s other founder, Dan Finlay, also noted in the interview that any kind of rules put in place would be antithetical to the foundation of cryptocurrency.

“It’s by definition impossible for us to wrap the whole thing into one unified bow and enforce it in a direction,” said Finlay.

So that’s the big question: is cryptocurrency a risky investment akin to gambling?

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