Privatixy Protocol will prioritise customer privacy over Avalanche

For several years, tech behemoths have controlled users’ data and privacy on the net. Some companies also sell their users’ data to others for personal gain.

Having a private life is not wrong; it’s an essential part of life. As the famous writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez quotes, “all human beings have three lives: private, public and secret”.

Nevertheless, these companies have made the private life of their user’s public by putting out sensitive information about them on the net without authorisation.

However, recently, decentralisation has wrenched authority from these central bodies and handed them over to users.

Several platforms now present solutions to privacy problems, but we will check out just two: Privatixy Protocol and Avalanche (AVAX).

Avalanche (AVAX) – A secure blockchain protocol

Avalanche is a decentralised crypto platform that prioritizes its customer data and privacy.

Whenever a customer registers on Avalanche (AVAX), all personal information, which includes name, number, payment information, and address, is safe.

They collect this information to provide information regarding marketing and promotional communications; sometimes, the information is used for marketing purposes if it’s in line with your marketing choice.

They never share customer information with third parties except with the customer’s consent; data may be shared with or without consent if it involves legal matters like a court subpoena. All this shows that your information is secure on the Avalanche (AVAX network.

Privatixy Protocol (PXP) – Built for privacy

The Privatixy protocol is an open-sourced, decentralised project that defends customer privacy and identity.

Just like its name implies, Privatixy Protocol has the vision of ensuring data security and protecting the privacy of internet users.

Though new to crypto, the Privatixy protocol will offer various privacy-preserving solutions for blockchain users. It also provides a well-vetted encryption system as an alternative to lax platforms.

Anyone who has fallen victim to data theft will know it’s no walk in the park; it has grave consequences. And to curb this issue, the Privatixy protocol has come up with a solution.

It combined blockchain technology with zero knowledge proof to create the next level of privacy.

With this module, this platform hands over the power to users giving them complete control over the flow of their information, by which they can choose who has access to their personal life.

In addition, it simply means that users can execute transactions, and very minimal personal details will be needed. Therefore, the Privatixy protocol will prove more helpful than Avalanche (AVAX).

The Privatixy protocol zero-knowledge proof is an ingenious instrument that it’s essential and cannot be overemphasised in the Privatixy protocol’s goal of protecting customer data.

The zero-knowledge proof breaks data into bits and allows you to choose any particular data to deliver. This singular action makes it very hard to give out data mistakenly without consent.

With this beautiful tool, Privatixy protocol has positioned itself as one of the best platforms that protect and preserve customer data.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Privatixy protocol uses blockchain technology and decentralisation to protect an individual’s identity.

They aim to achieve this by offering access to smart contracts that follow privacy preservation frameworks, satisfying three standards: unlinkability, anonymity, and confidential transactions.

You can buy the Privatixy (PXP) token on its presale with BTC and get a 15% bonus. Users who register on the platform and purchase within 10 minutes get an extra 60% bonus of PXP tokens. Additionally, there is a $40 referral reward for individuals who refer and are referred to the platform.

Avalanche (AVAX) and Privatixy Protocol are two platforms that offer solutions regarding the privacy and identity protection of customers.

While Avalanche (AVAX) values customer privacy and is doing all it can to protect it, the newer project, Privatixy protocol, will handle this issue with more expertise because it is one of the core concepts of the platform.





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