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SAN DIEGO, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Welcome to Playdust. A Solana blockchain search engine working to empower collectors and creators to explore, understand and interact with the data on the blockchain. The builders of Playdust are excited to announce this intuitive, comprehensive, and powerful platform is now live at playdust.com.

Playdust is the first marketplace to be built on top of a full blockchain explorer. It is for this reason that Playdust can provide not only the best search & discovery experience in the web3 space, but also the most data rich infusion of pertinent decision-making information. The underlying block explorer technology functions as a “Google” of the Solana blockchain, returning NFTs containing any search criteria in the collection or metadata. Every single NFT minted on Solana appears on Playdust shortly after minting. 

  • Automatic Authentication: Playdust is working to solve authenticity automatically based on data, rather than manually verifying collections like how marketplaces currently do it.
  • Permission-less Listing: The approval and listing of recently minted NFTs and collections in real time is the only decentralized option that allows for a level playing field for creators. Manual verification by a central marketplace is nothing more than a curated gallery. A search engine opens the doors to the SEO industry on the blockchain. Creators have a new way of being found.
  • Tabbed Search: One unique feature of the Playdust platform is that it allows for numerous, multidimensional search pages to be live at once. This feature allows the user to query and cache multiple collections of interest for easy access. These searches will be there each time the user logs in until they modify or delete the individual search page.
  • Fuzzy Search: Playdust is one of the first and most powerful search engines on Solana. We’ll have fuzzy search, which means users search for anything! Search for “laser eyes” and find every collection on Solana that has laser eyes. Or sort by rarity to find the rarest NFT with laser eyes across all collections! This is exciting because it allows discovery of new creators and collections and better, more informed decisions on which NFTs to buy/trade.

Playdust is setting up for use cases far beyond PFPs. NFTs are expanding to be tickets, certificates, music, identity etc… With our platform brands and creators of all kinds will be able to create and sell NFTs, interact with the blockchain, analyze their analytics, and so much more to come on the roadmap!

Playdust has also built and staffed an NFT incubator/launchpad for select projects to receive technical and marketing assistance in launching their NFT projects. The first project launch is with Rocketship and POW! Entertainment releasing the “Stan Lee’s Genesis” NFT collection at Comic-Con. Featuring 200 new characters developed and illustrated by the truly dynamic team of Tom Akel and Ryan Benjamin.

About Playdust

Playdust was co-founded in 2021 by Stan Prokopenko, artist, and creator of Proko.com, a leading online art education platform with over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Stan, along with his co-founder and brother, Eugene Prokopenko, has brought together a group of builders with artistic roots to build the first blockchain search engine. Headquartered in San Diego, CA but globally staffed, Playdust looks to a future where all can understand, explore, and interact with the blockchain with ease.

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