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New Survey Shows What Players Really Want From Blockchain Games

Newzoo, a well-known agency that reports games market data, recently conducted a survey for blockchain games. Respondents participated from the US, UK, and Indonesia. Further, the survey took into account multiple devices including mobile, PC, and consoles.

While the report showed a general rise in gamers’ interest in P2E games, there was significant feedback from the respondents.

What Does the Newzoo Survey Say About Blockchain Games?

The survey, taken by 4,569 respondents, focused on what gamers expect from crypto games and how they could be more accessible to everyone.

Here are the highlights:

  • Out of the total respondents, 40% showed interest in blockchain games and might try one this year. Of the 40%, only 5% exhibit strong interest, and the remaining 35% are moderately interested.
  • 33% of the moderately interested gamers know what P2E games are.
  • 46% of the moderately interested and 32% of the highly interested gamers are afraid of losing money.

Notably, the highly interested gamers were interested in earning from the P2E games. Meanwhile, the moderately interested gamers emphasized gameplay first.

Further, the report also featured some obstacles that hindered the growth of blockchain games.

Here are some of them:

  • Lack of knowledge about NFTs and crypto dissuades gamers from entering the space.
  • High entry cost acts as a barrier and is keeping interested gamers away.
  • Analysts opined that the use of terms “NFTs,” “blockchain,” and “cryptocurrency” by AAA game publishers is scaring gamers away.

The best way to address the skepticism and attract a larger audience is to educate people about crypto and blockchain.

On the Flipside

  • As pointed out by the report, players want a reduced cost of entry into the blockchain games.

Why You Should Care

  • As per the report, gamers have shown increased interest in blockchain games. Addressing issues like high cost of entry, quality of games, and educating the audience about blockchain can attract more audiences.

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