MOCCA by Partisia Blockchain: Revolutionizing Decentralized Custody Solutions

During a significant announcement at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Brian Gallagher, co-founder of Partisia Blockchain, revealed MOCCA (MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced solution). This groundbreaking solution introduces a decentralized and fully programmable multichain wallet, utilizing on-chain smart contracts. MOCCA, empowered by Partisia Blockchain’s advanced multiparty computation (MPC) capabilities, transcends traditional custody methods, such as MultiSig and the Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS).


Decentralized Custody Redefined:

MOCCA represents a departure from static smart contracts, offering a decentralized and programmable custody alternative. This revolutionary solution is secured by MPC technology, ensuring seamless support across multiple blockchains. Tailored for institutions seeking genuine decentralization, MOCCA caters to various entities, including DAOs, investment clubs, wallet providers, exchanges, and scenarios demanding trustless collaboration.


Swift Deployment and Cost-Effectiveness:

MOCCA’s deployment is swift and cost-effective directly on-chain, utilizing customizable templates and tools like Partisia Blockchain’s smart contract IDE. This departure from conventional custody vendors reduces fees, implementation times, and ensures decentralization and flexibility. With a team boasting 35 years of MPC research, MOCCA guarantees security and compliance.


Advanced Security Features:

To fortify security, especially for institutions managing substantial funds, Partisia Blockchain introduces off-chain signing. This feature enables offline devices to generate keys and participate in on-chain protocols via clients. Key decentralization is enhanced by storing specific keys within Partisia Blockchain’s decentralized MPC clusters, secured by unconditionally secure secret-sharing cryptography.


Genuine Decentralization through MPC:

MOCCA achieves genuine decentralization by deploying on public blockchains, allowing participants to actively engage in governance and sign transactions directly on-chain. Unlike other solutions, MOCCA utilizes MPC to require approval from two or more parties for each transaction. This approach surpasses off-chain generated TSS protocols, offering modifiability and a trusted collaboration platform like a public blockchain.


Blockchain Agnostic and Programmable Smart Contracts:

Designed to be blockchain agnostic, MOCCA relies on MPC technology independent of protocol support. It offers fully programmable smart contracts, allowing arbitrary code logic written in RUST. The template contract includes security-audited standard policies, covering common custody requirements. MOCCA’s programmability extends to key management, TSS modification, voting powers, NFT integration, transaction category rules, and more.


Zero Knowledge Smart Contracts for Privacy:

MOCCA introduces the concept of Zero Knowledge smart contracts, enabling private computation. This unique feature ensures confidentiality about which key shard initiated a transaction and maintains secret inputs for governance voting. With robust security features, genuine decentralization, and unparalleled flexibility, MOCCA redefines the landscape of digital asset custody.


Conclusion: A Pioneer in Custodial Innovation:

Partisia Blockchain’s MOCCA emerges as a pioneer in custodial innovation, presenting a decentralized, fully programmable, and blockchain-agnostic custody solution. With its revolutionary security features, genuine decentralization, and flexibility, MOCCA marks a transformative leap in the landscape of digital asset custody, promising heightened security and efficiency for the evolving needs of institutions in the blockchain era.

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