Meme Mania Grips Cryptoverse. How Big Eyes Coin, Cardano and near protocol aim to decode DeFi and Cryptocurrency for beginners

Sep 02, 2022 16:28 IST

New Delhi [India], September 2 (ANI/ATK): Cryptocurrencies have been one of the key pivots that left a far-reaching impact on the financial services industry over the last few years. Built with blockchain technology, these digital assets have been liberalizing access to decentralized finance (DeFi) by reducing the role of a central authority like a bank or government in the process of income generation. As a result, we have an investment option that gives investors more control. Plus, with blockchain being the driving force behind these assets, the possibilities are endless. Take the case of meme coins, which are cryptocurrencies based on memes. They might be based on a joke that has gone viral, but meme coins have shown how monetization of the right content can reap rich rewards.
For rookie investors who are still getting the feels of the cryptocurrency universe, there’s a lot to explore, and an ideal way to start one’s investment journey is by researching. Just pick up some of the leading names like Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Cardano (ADA), and Near Protocol (NEAR), and look them up on the internet. Once you have a fair idea about their features, you can make an informed decision. Here’s a brief description of some of their key features.
Big Eyes: Tax-free shopping for community tokens
Big Eyes is a full-stack upcoming meme coin that is being rolled with a clear-cut aim of accelerating the adoption of DeFi protocols for income generation by building a self-propagating system that is powered by blockchain. The self-sustaining system stands out as every element of it will be generating wealth. The meme coin has a native token called BIG that can be used for staking, liquidity pool provisioning, and earning rewards. Interested buyers will be able to purchase the token on presale and its total supply is 200,000,000, 000 units. The good thing is that no taxes are levied on the sale or purchase of the BIG Token.
The name of the meme coin is inspired by a cat whose name was Big Eyes and he lived in Washington DC. He was adopted by a rocket scientist couple who worked in Nasa and even taught him the basics of space engineering. All was fine in his life except for the fact that he didn’t like it when people called him cute because of his big eyes. For the cat, being cute and meek was a weakness. As time passed, fate had a lot in store for him that started with the couple abandoning him when he was just three. What followed was a long journey to find his life’s purpose that took him to the sea and even Japan. Between learning about the ways of the sea, the art of sushi, and practising zazen and yoga, Big Eyes had an epiphany that his cuteness was a strength and not a weakness. He could cash in on his cuteness to inspire memes and make millions every year.
If you are interested in purchasing the token, the process is extremely simple. For starters, users have to download the MetaMask wallet or any other digital wallet that is compatible with WalletConnect — an open-source tool for connecting dApps and mobile browsers. The Big Eyes team recommends MetaMask for desktop users and TrustWallet for mobile browsers. Users can either use their debit or credit cards or cryptocurrencies like ETH and USDT for transactions. Once they have downloaded the wallet, they will have to choose their payment method and pay. For debit and credit card users, BIG Tokens cannot be bought directly. Users would have to first purchase ETH Tokens and then use them to buy BIG Tokens. Users need a minimum amount of $15 worth of ETH Tokens needed to buy the minimum quantum of BIG Tokens allowed by the platform. Once the presale ends, users will be able to access their tokens on the claims page.
Of the total supply of the token, a staggering 90 per cent will be reserved for presale — 70 per cent through public presale and 20 per cen via exchanges. The other 10 per cent will be divided equally between marketing activities and charitable donations. These tokens also come with an auto-burn function that ensures that token supply remains scarce. A limited supply of tokens ensures that its price remains stable and there are minimal fluctuations.
Cardano is halfway through its much-awaited Vasil upgrade
Built on the proof-of-stake protocol, Cardano is a peer-reviewed platform that leverages the ouroboros blockchain to enable developers to deploy decentralized apps and systems with unparalleled efficiency and speed. The platform has a native token ADA that comes in handy in staking, earning rewards, and token swapping. Cardano offers its users a host of opportunities. For instance, developers can learn all about transactional metadata, how it’s added to the transaction and its various use cases. Developers can even learn about minting and creating their non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In a recent development, Input Output Group (IOG) – which is the Cardano blockchain builder – announced that the platform has made “good progress” on the upcoming Vasil upgrade. As on August 25, 2022, more than 40 per cent of the stake pool operators were using the 1.35.3 of the node. The figure reflects that Cardano has already come halfway through the long-awaited technical upgrade. IOG has been vocal about its aim of clocking a 75 per cent threshold. Also, four of the Top 10 dApp have already begun testing the node’s latest version. The upgrade has been much-awaited as Cardano had to delay its plans more than once in the past due to technical issues.
Near Protocol sees a jump in the deployment of smart contracts
Near Protocol is a certified carbon-neutral blockchain platform for building dApps with nuanced Web 3.0 solutions that are ideal for mass adoption. Its native token NEAR can be used for staking, yield farming, and exchanging tokens on the platform. With over 18 million active users, the platform processes more than 400k transactions on a daily basis. The dApps built on Near Protocol have an edge when it comes to building for the masses, all thanks to its nightshade sharding feature. Considered to be a complex technology, sharding is a process that splits the task of processing transactions between multiple nodes. The process becomes important as the volume of transactions processed on the platform rises, and the job needs to be performed with ease and efficiency. With Nighttime sharding, Near Protocol can scale linearly with multiple shards and satisfy the increasing demand for transactions on its platform.
Meanwhile, registered users can look forward to several cutting-edge features that will make their experience optimal and secure. For instance, the platform leverages human-readable accounts to simplify the process of remembering them. Also, Near Protocol can have many keys, and each can have a different set of permissions. The service is helpful in restricting third-party access to certain features while keeping others accessible. Moreover, developers have the option of using languages like Rust or JavaScript for creating smart contracts.
Recently, Near Protocol saw a massive jump in the smart contracts being deployed on its blockchain systems, indicating the rising number of developers that prefer to build on it.
The aforementioned features of the three cryptocurrencies make a solid case for why investors shouldn’t shy away from trying their hand at these blockchain-based assets. Big Eyes, Near Protocol, and Cardano are part of a new wave of digital assets that enable you to look at how blockchain can disrupt the future of finance. Even a meme coin like Big Eyes has in store several features that will not only ramp up blockchain adoption but will also provide investors ample opportunities to explore new sources of income.
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