LYRA Diversifies Product Lines to Capture DeFi Market

New York, NY, July 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This second half of 2022 brings good news as a slew of LYRA products will be released – from LYRA token, staking protocol to the LP launch. With these launches, the new liquidity pumped in will expand the DeFi market, allowing more people to access DeFi – to trade and earn from it. Coupled with a new injection of $50 million of funding from private investors for market expansion, LYRA is staying true to its commitment to tear down the barriers to entry into DeFi and provide its users with hassle-free access to DeFi trading.

While DeFi has opened many more opportunities for people to generate yields, the concept and user journey of DeFi applications today is still rather complex which keeps the common people at bay. Over time, this can even lead to growth stagnation in the community with the barriers of entry involved.   

To combat this, the LYRA team has developed its proprietary AI system that will consolidate public data, help users alleviate risks involved in DeFi farming, and analyze all DeFi protocols and on-chain data to help users make wiser decisions in trading the top-earning protocols at an ideal level of risk.  

Another new feature to look forward to is the launch of the LYRA DeFi Crypto Debit Card that promises attractive rebates and earning potential just from spending. This can make diving into the DeFi arena significantly easier for end users, with a card that they can use on day-to-day spending and yet earn tokens on.



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