Lost Ark Pulls Shiba Inu Temporarily Over Pricing Error, Addresses CAPTCHA Bug, and Powerpasses Go Live

Following this week’s update, the Lost Ark team is addressing several issues that have popped up, including an error with Powerpasses, a pricing mistake, and an unintentional bug brought up in the community that related to CAPTCHA requests.

When it comes to Powerpasses, the free ones were re-enabled last week and with this week’s update, paid passes were re-enabled. Except they weren’t, briefly, as the team notes. This mistake was later corrected a little while later and all Powerpass purchases are live again. To help make up for the time when passes were disabled or unavailable to claim or buy, they’re offering a 25% discount on paid Powerpasses through September 7th.

Also introduced in yesterday’s update was a brand new pet, the Shiba Inu. Unfortunately, the cute little dog was priced incorrectly, at 2,400 Royal Crystals instead of the intended 1,300. The pet selection chest with the Shiba Inu was also priced wrong, according to community members who noticed the chest and the pet by itself were priced the same. This was incorrect, and Amazon says that those that bought the Shiba inu Pet Selection Chest at the higher price, they will be getting a refund in crystals. The item will also be removed from sale until it can be re-added at the correct price. 

Some in the community are asking for a full refund so that they can buy just the pet instead of having spent on the chest.

Another issue that community members were noticing was the sudden arrival of CAPTCHA requests to access parts of the game.

“After today’s maintenance we notice players were receiving CAPTCHA requests when trying to access certain areas or activities within the game. This wasn’t intended and we’re working to turn off this iteration of the CAPTCHA feature as soon as possible.”

There were even comments from players, having failed the request, were getting banned. The usual ban appeal process applies here, but given that the team is aware of the issue, let’s hope these reversals will happen quickly.

For updates on this, head to Lost Ark.

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