KitchData Partners with Blockchain to Offer Web3 Experiences for Its Delivery-1st™ Restaurant Brands

In the first of its kind, KitchData’s (KDS) collaboration with blockchain leader enables KDS’ Delivery-1st Food Brands to extend their offering and monetize advanced fan engagement activities such as: creating SMS crypto wallets; minting NFTs and digital collectibles; redeeming merchandise discounts; accessing VIP content; and participating in myriad gated web3 media interactions with the brand.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kitchen Data Systems (KitchData/KDS) today announced plans to roll out a next generation brand affinity program built on the (Harmony) blockchain and leveraging Harmony’s groundbreaking digital products. The program serves KDS’ Delivery-1st virtual restaurant brands, allowing them to extend their fan clubs and loyalty/reward programs with Web3 experiences.

“Tying together Delivery-1st restaurants with digital media technology is the next logical step for KitchData,” said KDS CEO Mike Jacobs. “Our popular brands are already stars on media outlets, have legions of followers, sell merchandise, and participate in real world events with their fans. Adding food via KitchData made sense for them, and now we’re bringing yet another revenue stream in this program with Harmony.”  

The relationship amplifies KDS’ market position as a leading technology and services provider for Delivery-1st brands, which the company defines as virtual restaurants created by established, popular brands, operated by ‘real restaurants cooking real food,’ and distributed via apps like Uber Eats.  

In a complementary move, Harmony–a fully Ethereum compatible blockchain–is expanding into pop culture, opening an office in Los Angeles and supporting projects geared at mass adoption. Having developed a pioneering, user-friendly SMS crypto wallet, the tech team also unveils with the KDS initiative a tool that allows people to mint NFT access passes that people can easily buy with a credit card or Apple Pay.

“Our team is excited to roll out the KitchData affinity program,” said Brian Felsen, Harmony’s Head of Integrations and Communications. “Not only does it harness the power of our technology, it showcases how user friendly and scalable our applications are for the general public and creators. By enabling its brand partners to integrate Harmony’s tools into their rewards and loyalty programs, KitchData ushers in the next generation of our commercial blockchain.”

Key KitchData Delivery-1st brands invited to participate include WWE legend Ric Flair’s Wooooo! Wings, DaMandyz Donutz, Powerbomb Pizza and Dancing Pizza, the latter’s menu comprised of award-winning dance stars adored by international audiences of stage and screen.

“Our team couldn’t be more excited,” added Jacobs. “With Harmony, we’re integrating the real world of retail and merchandise, historical levers like coupons, innumerable forms of creative digital content, and fan interactivity with 21st century crypto transactions. That’s wonderful, but not amazing—Covid might have accelerated it, but data always was expected to drive the future for brands and restaurants. ‘Data’ sits at the center of our name—Kitchen Data Systems—for a reason. Data rules the future.”

SOURCE Kitchen Data Systems Inc.

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