Jack Dorsey and Vitalik Buterin’s Clash: Bitcoin or Ethereum?

  • Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and bitcoin believer Jack Dorsey don’t always see eye to eye.
  • They’ve publicly denounced each other’s favorite decentralized finance protocol for months.
  • Dorsey has called ethereum projects as having “points of failure” and Buterin knocked Dorsey’s bitcoin project, TBD.

Jack Dorsey and Vitalik Buterin are two of the crypto world’s most prominent champions.

But that doesn’t mean they see eye to eye.

The Twitter cofounder has regularly voiced ideas online that clash with Buterin, the 28-year-old cofounder of the Ethereum blockchain and its native coin, ether.

Dorsey, a longtime bitcoin maximalist who has a Bitcoin clock lying around his house, believes the digital asset is the one and only crypto to save the world. Buterin, on the other hand, believes his blockchain will unlock the decentralized finance sphere for the masses, giving new tokens and apps a launch pad.

Conflict was always bound to ensue.

Here’s how their online head-butting began. 

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