Huobi Global prepares for Ethereum merge with multi-million dollar Web3 campaign

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Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, today announced a special user promotion to celebrate the upcoming Ethereum merge, which is estimated to take place in mid-September. Named “PrimeBox X ETH2.0 Carnival”, the promotion will last from August 19-29 and is designed to highlight the merge’s impact on the industry’s transition to Web3, as well as Huobi Global’s central role as a Web3 portal. As part of the promotion, Huobi Global is teaming up with MarbleX, Fellaz, and Oceanland to distribute up to 1200 ETH (US$2.4 million) worth of prizes.

The upcoming merge will see the current Ethereum mainnet merge with the proof-of-stake Beacon Chain network, marking the most profound upgrade to Ethereum to date. The merge will lay the groundwork for future upgrades that could alleviate Ethereum’s scaling issues and accelerate transaction speeds, opening up new possibilities for one of the most important Layer-1 blockchains in the industry. Experts say that this could very well accelerate the industry’s transition to Web3, given Ethereum’s impact in terms of total economic activity, user growth, and developer engagement.

This latest promotion encourages users to access Huobi Global’s wide array of different cryptocurrency products and services. Users who access certain products such as Huobi Global’s automated trading bot, fixed income staking products under Huobi Earn, or even livestreamed Huobi Live shows are eligible to win Ethereum-themed cards, which can be swapped with friends and/or exchanged for prizes. Such prizes include special Ethereum-themed NFTs, cashback vouchers, token listing allocations under PrimeList and CandyDrop, and more. Last but not least, all users are eligible to win an allocation of new ETH2.0 tokens.

Huobi Global believes that centralized exchanges can play a central role as secure onboarding portals for users to transition from Web2 to Web3, as the majority of cryptocurrency users access and store digital assets on them in the first place. To reinforce this belief, this promotion also encourages users to create their own Decentralized IDs (DIDs), enabling them to win tradable Magic ETH NFTs that double as user profile avatars on the Huobi Global platform.

Decentralized Identifiers (DID) represent Web3 identities for users, enabling them to correspond with others and, in the future, access digital assets across different decentralized applications (Dapps) in social networking, games, and other domains. Many of these Dapps are built upon the Ethereum blockchain. Nearly 700,000 Huobi Global users have already obtained DIDs; earlier this year in January, Huobi Global encouraged users to sign up for Lunar New Year themed avatars and DIDs.

To learn more about the PrimeBox X ETH2.0 Carnival promotion, click here.

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