How the Bitcoin ETF Launch Could Fuel Altcoin Rallies?

The long-awaited launch of the first Bitcoin spot ETFs in the US generated huge hype and initially propelled prices upward. However, Bitcoin soon corrected 14% from its local high of around $48,500 hit on January 10. Meanwhile, altcoins have shown far more resilience in holding on to recent gains. Some analysts argue this divergence could fuel major altcoin rallies ahead.

According to Andrew Kang, co-founder of crypto venture firm Mechanism Capital, the newly launched Bitcoin ETFs represent a watershed moment for institutional adoption. However, while beneficial to Bitcoin long-term, he believes their impact will be even greater for alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins).

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Why is the Bitcoin ETF beneficial to altcoins?

Kang notes that Bitcoin’s volatility will likely decline now that mainstream institutions are participating. Rather than explosive short-term rallies, he expects steadier, albeit less epic, long-term gains going forward. With fewer wild price swings to entice traders, Bitcoin may transition to serve more as a stable store of value.

At the same time, Kang argues that reduced Bitcoin volatility accompanied by gradual, consistent gains establishes overall market confidence, which is ideal for altcoin growth. As Bitcoin climbs slowly over months and years, assets down the “risk curve” stand to capitalize greatly amid greater risk tolerance. Thus, Bitcoin’s maturing role as digital gold may set the stage for an extended altcoin breakout.

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Supporting this narrative, Bitcoin’s market capitalization dominance over altcoins has already dropped 6% since the ETF debut on January 16. While Bitcoin is struggling to gain momentum even after the ETF approval, altcoins are exhibiting much better stability. 

The ongoing rotation from Bitcoin into altcoins shows no signs of slowing down as analysts call for a wider market correction. Yet whether Bitcoin declines further or stabilizes near $40k, the stage appears set for altcoins to grab the spotlight in early 2024.

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