Here’s How The Uniglo (GLO) Vault Shows Similarities With The Binance Coin (BNB) Vault

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There are two big crypto projects that are making use of their own vault technology. These both present huge opportunities for both newcomers to crypto and more savvy investors. And the crypto space has been crying out for new earning potential for some time. The upside of these projects isn’t just in the short-term, either. They provide strong fundamentals and a huge amount of potential for the long-term. In fact, they could be part of crypto’s move further into the mainstream, as more people realize the benefits of the wider crypto ecosystem for their investments. That’s why analysts love both Uniglo and Binance Coin right now. They both have their own vaults, and while there may be some key differences, they also both offer countless opportunities for investors. Let’s have a look at both of them…

The Uniglo (GLO) Vault

GLO builds its vault with a tax on transactions in GLO. Some of the sales tax is used for marketing, and some is held back as part of the platform’s dual-burn mechanism to create incredible deflationary tokenomics. The rest goes into GLO’s unique vault. This vault is made up of a range of assets which include NFTs, collectibles, and other digital projects. But importantly, the vault is also made up of digitizied versions of real-world assets like whiskey, art and even gold. This gives GLO holders the chance to have investments in assets that might previously have only been available for the mega-rich. It also provides an extremely solid 1:1 asset backing for GLO’s price, and makes it completely deflationary and more scarce over time.

And now is the best time to buy GLO, as it’s still available at discounted rates during pre-sale. You get the opportunity to invest in a project from the ground up, and enjoy all its future potential.

The Binance Coin (BNB) Vault

The BNB Vault offers Binance users and BNB holders a huge number of earning and mining options. While much of the staking world has often been offputting to newcomers, BNB Vault simplifies the entire process, and offers passive income potential at the click of a button. While it does work a bit differently to the GLO vault, it also offers newcomers to crypto the chance to invest in things they might not previously have been able to enjoy. Both GLO and BNB’s vaults are incredibly good solutions for the crypto world and aim to bring DeFi benefits to the masses.

GLO and BNB could both be key in democractizing earning potential and introducing new people to the crypto space. As DeFi investment strategies continue to grow, they should be at the forefront of this drive. That’s why more people are starting to recognize the benefits of both the GLO and BNB vaults, and this wider acceptance into the mainstream looks set to continue.

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