Good News, Bulls! Top Analyst Predicts 2 Bitcoin Peaks, Altcoin Explosion in 2024-25

The crypto world, though fascinating, can be puzzling sometimes to even the most seasoned investor. However, Lady of Crypto has emerged as a guiding light with some extremely bold predictions.

Her forecasts are always one to watch out for as she draws from her insights into crypto patterns, historical performance, and the key events influencing these forecasts. Let’s see how this one could impact you.

Bitcoin’s Next Peak

Lady of Crypto kickstarts her revelations by forecasting that Bitcoin will reach its zenith in November 2024. But that’s not all – she envisions new altcoins making significant gains, potentially surging up to 100 times their initial value between January and July 2024.

Drawing parallels between the bull markets of 2017 and 2021, she notes a consistent theme – the high point occurring precisely 29 months before the halving. The twist lies in the duration; the last three bull runs lasted 9, 9, and 11 months, paving the way for a spectacle that might extend this time. Lady of Crypto places her bet on a peak around September 2025, within a window of 9 to 11 months.

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It’s a Beautiful Cycle!

Drawing parallels from the last two Bitcoin cycles, Lady of Crypto anticipates a new all-time high approximately 7-8 months post-halving. While market chatter speculates on an ETF-triggered surge to $100,000, she tempers expectations, pointing to November 2024 as the likely time for Bitcoin’s next peak.

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Altcoins in the Spotlight

Cautioning enthusiasts, Lady of Crypto emphasizes the pivotal role of altcoins in shaping the market. She asserts that cycle-defining projects often emerge a few months before and after the halving, marking the current period as the golden phase for project launches.

Masterplan Revealed

Lady of Crypto also decided to reveal her intricate investment strategy. As altcoins experience significant pumps, she aims to seize the moment and cash in. Approaching September 2025, she strategically plans to escalate profit-taking, orchestrating a move to diversify some funds out of crypto. The remainder? Reinvested in projects with greater upside potential!

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