Gnox (GNOX) Employes SolidProof Security Audit Bringing Security Inline With Avalanche (AVAX) And Polkadot (DOT) By DailyCoin

© Reuters. Gnox (GNOX) Employes SolidProof Security Audit Bringing Security Inline With Avalanche (AVAX) And Polkadot (DOT)

The result of Gnox’s smart contract audit has been publicly released in the run-up to the token launching, and early investors have rallied behind the news. Following suggestions from SolidProof, a leading german smart contract auditor, the developers have made tweaks and adjustments to fully optimise the contracts. This has brought the security of Gnox in line with crypto giants like (AVAX) and (DOT).

The importance of smart contract audits cannot be overstated, with the vast majority of crypto investors relying on reputation and trust when investing. The team at Gnox has decided to move away from trust and toward the objective; code treats every participant equally and cannot lie.

Every investor should look for two critical things when investing in a new project, KYC and Smart Contract Audits. Gnox has both, and this new addition to the Binance Smart Chain, launching later this week, is picking up serious momentum.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox brings simplicity to generating revenue within DeFi (decentralised finance). DeFi continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, but with this growth comes teething problems. The space is replete with bad actors, investors must be wary of impermanent loss when forming LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens, and the returns continually change depending on the amount of liquidity supplied. DeFi enthusiasts must constantly monitor and adjust their holdings.

Gnox employs buy and sell taxes to build a treasury fund which is deployed in longstanding protocols to earn for investors. GNOX is a low-touch, hands-off approach to DeFi earnings, and holders receive a monthly stablecoin reflection. This token is a perfect choice for investors who want DeFi profits without stress.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Launched by Ava Labs in 2020, Avalanche has quickly become a central blockchain for DeFi. This layer one protocol addresses the main issue plaguing blockchains, scalability. Aiming to unseat the leading smart contract blockchain which has a TPS (transaction per second) of 13, Avalanche delivers 4,500.

This rapid network offers ordinary investors faster and cheaper transactions. Following a smart contract audit from Halborn blockchain security firm, its smart contracts are also some of the most secure within DeFi.

PolkaDot (DOT)

PolkaDot is building the future decentralised web. PolkaDot is a layer 0 project that aims at interoperability and connecting separate sovereign blockchains allowing the free exchange of data and assets between them. The future success of PolkaDot will be one of the most significant determiners in the future of the digital asset sphere.

Chainsecurity audited PolkaDot’s smart contracts, and investors interacting with them can do so with full faith in the knowledge they are highly secure.

Find out more about Gnox by visiting the official website, Telegram, Discord or Twitter (NYSE:).

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