Garfield Township Couple Loses $2,900 in Bitcoin ATM Scam

A couple in Grand Traverse County lost nearly $3,000 in a scam involving a Bitcoin ATM.

The manager of a gas station in Garfield Township called police, saying they suspected something was wrong when they saw the elderly couple using the Bitcoin ATM.

Police say a scammer used a computer virus to get into the couple’s computer. Over the phone and online, the scammer posed as Microsoft and the couple’s bank.

The scammer told the couple they had committed international crimes and were in trouble unless they sent $17,000 through Bitcoin.

The couple says they had already sent $2,900 before police intervened and were able to stop the couple from sending more money.

You should never share personal information online or over the phone. If you ever suspect you’re being scammed, please contact police immediately.

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