Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for October 8: Grab the Dog At Hand Shiba weapon

Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for October 8: These codes remain active only for a few hours. Hurry.

Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for October 8: When it comes to multiplayer battle royale style games, two important skills to have are sniping and close combat. Both the skills are on the opposite spectrum to one another but they are both necessary if you want to be really good at the game. Sniping involves quick and accurate aiming, hiding your presence and being patient. On the other hand, close combat requires quick reflexes, constant movement and focus of firing fast and all around. If you can master them both, you will automatically get into top 10% of the players. And to keep you motivated, you should claim today’s redeem codes to win some exciting rewards. More on that below.

But before that, Garena Free Fire North America Twitter has posted about the all new Shiba wheel which can give you some cool in-game items. The tweet said, “Truly only the most worthy of Survivors can wield the mighty… Shiba. Grab the Dog At Hand Shiba weapon and the Shiba Surf emote from the Shiba Wheel now and become paw-sitively terrifying”.

Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for October 8

The redeem codes are unique 12-digit alphanumeric codes where every individual code contains a mystery reward. These rewards can be any in-game item or free diamonds that players can win and use it in the game. While there is no upper limit to how many codes a player can redeem, a single code cannot be claimed twice.

The codes also come with certain restrictions. These codes have a validity of 12-18 hours and will cease to work after that. Players should aim to redeem them as early as possible. Further, some codes might have a region-lock and might not work for players outside of that region. To ensure getting all the best rewards, make sure to claim all of the codes. The codes can be claimed at the official redemption website. The details have been provided at the bottom.

Check today’s redeem codes:



















Garena Free Fire MAX: How to grab free redeem codes for October 8, 2022

Step 2:

Log in to your game account using either Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple ID, Huawei ID, and VK.

Step 3:

You will now have to enter any of the redeem codes into the text box and then click on the confirm button.

Step 4:

And it’s done! You will get a notification saying if the redemption was successful or not. The rewards will display in your mail section within 24 hours in case of a successful redemption.

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