GameSwift Migrates From Terra Blockchain to Polygon Supernets

Polygon Supernets has taken GameSwift on its platform after GameSwift migrated from Terra blockchain and rebranded from StarTerra. GameSwift will continue offering the all-in-one gaming ecosystem to its users, allowing them to access a wide range of games and participate in Initial NFT Offering and Initial Gaming Offering.

Developers get some major benefits as well. GameSwift will allow them to port their projects into the decentralized space by leveraging the necessary tools for customization and scalability purposes.

Moreover, Web3 developers will have access to a comprehensive analytical service of GameSwift. The service will assist them in framing updated strategies by digging deeper into the data of a project. An inevitable growth awaits Web3 developers in the days to come.

GameSwift carries a reputed list of investors, including RR2 Capital, KuCoin Labs, Maven Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, SkyVision Capital, Hashed, Qi Capital, and DWeb3 Capital.

To top that, GameSwift is actively offering games that are powered for the Web3 realm. One such game is StarHeroes which has even received a grant from Microsoft, making it the first blockchain game to have been awarded a grant by Microsoft.

A team of developers from CD Projekt Red is working to build StarHeroes.There is a sure shot of the game performing well in the industry after the launch as the team members have a proven record of coming up with amazing content. The two top titles they delivered are Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Many more games have been lined up with other studios, partnership with whom is yet to be announced by the team. GameSwift ID will help developers smoothly onboard gamers on the platform by making all the titles accessible in one spot. GameSwift ID is a non-custodial, unified, and decentralized identifier that acts as a dedicated launcher to store and regularly update the content.

Players can use Google, Apple ID, and Facebook accounts to sign in and access all the games while keeping track of their NFTs or digital currencies.

Experienced gamers have toned themselves according to the platforms; however, newcomers find it difficult during the initial phase. GameSwift ID will eliminate that barrier by making it easier for them to navigate the platform with other necessary details.

GameSwift Portal is a key feature of the platform, and it assists developers in launching their Initial NFT Offerings and Initial Game Offerings. Additionally, GameSwift Bridge links Ethereum Virtual Machine and Substrate Chains by acting as a cross-chain communication bridge.

GameSwift Bridge makes the fund transfer smooth, ensuring that other digital assets can be transferred between different networks.

GameSwift is on a mission to accelerate the mass adoption of Web3 games. The venture has offered a kickstart by making itself a one-stop solution with much more lined up for the future. Polygon Supernets has now taken it live after its successful rebranding to bring benefits to more players and developers.

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