Eugene Pratt released from Genesee County Jail on tether

FLINT, MI – Genesee County Sheriff’s Office officials have said that a former school administrator, principal and teacher at multiple Genesee County schools has been released from jail on tether.

Eugene Steven Pratt, 57, is charged with one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, although additional charges may be looming.

Pratt had posted a $25,000 bail on Tuesday, Aug. 30, but had not been released because officials said he had no place to be tethered to.

“He’s still in there because you need a place to tether to,” Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson said Wednesday, Aug. 31. “We have yet to be told where that place is. People have to step up and say, ‘I want this person tethered to this location.’ That’s what’s required of the tether commitment, it’s a court order, not a sheriff order, and until someone comes forward he will remain in the Genesee County Jail where he is today.”

Pratt was released from jail on the afternoon of Thursday, Sept. 1, officials confirmed to The Journal.

Pratt was arrested Aug. 16 at New Paths, a court-ordered addiction center in Flint where he has worked as security and a transportation employee since June 2021. Pratt has since been fired from that position.

Pratt was arraigned before Genesee County District Court Judge Mark C. McCabe on one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. The charge originates from June 2013, when Pratt was the principal at Beecher Community Adult Education.

Swanson said Pratt likely preyed on vulnerable people. He believes there are at least 15 victims, some of whom weren’t in a position to come forward. Others, he said, they have yet to identify.

The sheriff said his department is preparing to submit another investigation to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton, but still has to determine whether charges can be issued due to concerns about statute of limitations.

“We are bringing another case to the prosecutor,” Swanson said Wednesday. “But there’s a question of statute of limitations depending on the CSC charge. We had that victim come forward because they saw our media coverage.”

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