EOS Developments Showing Positive Impact With Unlaunched Projects

EOS has been on a roll with new updates, and its new developments have delighted most of its users. The network is showing positive signs for 2022 end, attracting new stakeholders.

A major part of this growth has been due to users learning about unlaunched projects on the network. Many users are getting exposed to the network due to its comeback story becoming popular in the blockchain space.

Its native token has also gained support in the cryptocurrency space lately. The network recently released its first candidate for Docker Utilities for Node Execution (DUNE) version 1.0.0. 

The update packs several features, including Application Creation and Building, Contract Development, Wallet Management, and Node Management. DUNE acts as a tool to abstract over CDT, cleos, nodeos, and several other solutions to perform node management.

It also facilitates test running, smart contract compiling, and numerous common tasks developers conduct for smart contract development.

Nathan James, the Director of Developer Relations and ENF, recently tweeted about the functioning of EOS Developer Hub. James stated that the new developer hub would possess four focuses, Documentation, Discovery, Earning, and Courses.

The director added that once the hub is built, it will be outsourced to allow community contributors to steer it. It will help the hub to become a self-sustaining and easy-to-access ecosystem that leverages its community strength.

Besides this, users can also fund any projects that align with the EOS network’s visions. With Season 3, the network has introduced a number of features to make the funding process simple and fun. These features are:-

  • Custom profile options
  • Project accomplishments and updates
  • New grant description options
  • Resource-free transactions for every donor
  • Achievement badge NFTs

With such modifications, EOS has managed to bring its token around $1.30 in the market. Its daily trading volume has also reached $296 million with a market capitalization of $1,297,485,242. As more users learn about EOS’s comeback, these numbers will surge even further.

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