Dogeliens, Binance Coin, And TRON

If you’re looking for King sized gains from cryptocurrency investments, you must identify the right mix of tokens to provide the right balance to your portfolio. There are so many coins in the market right now that it can be quite difficult for an amateur investor to find the right token for investment purposes. For your benefit, we have shortlisted three cryptocurrencies that could potentially provide handsome gains in the future. Dogeliens (DOGET), Binance Coin (BNB), and TRON (TRX) are the three coins that have made our shortlist. They have been selected based on solid utility and promising road maps. Read on to learn more about these cryptocurrencies and how you can benefit from investing in these coins. 


Dogeliens: Reinventing the play to earn ecosystem 

Dogeliens is a new and upcoming platform that will change how games are consumed. It seeks to include Metaverse components, NFT, and play to earn rewards. The ecosystem will be powered by its native token known as DOGET.  

Dogeliens will allow users to mint NFTs, which will be used in the play to earn games inside the platform. Users will also find value in the NFT marketplace, where they can purchase assets for customizing their Dogelien avatar as per their preference.  

There will be three games available for users: Battle Zone, Dogelien World, and Walkies time. Users can play solo or combine forces with other players to battle it out and earn DOGET. They will also be able to collect and harvest assets which can then be traded on the NFT marketplace.   

The ecosystem also has plans for funding charity events and will include an academy for educational purposes.  

The DOGET Token will be sold via presale and will have a vesting period to ensure there are no rug pulls. 20% tokens have been earmarked for liquidity pools. Given its multiple use cases and interesting games, the DOGET Token could moon once it gets listed on major exchanges.   

Binance Coin undergoes consolidation as whales increase holdings. 

Binance Coin has seen price consolidation as whales strongly accumulated it in the past few weeks. The BNB Token is the primary utility coin inside the Binance exchange. It provides multiple benefits to users through discounts on trading fees, access to airdrops, and liquidity mining. Binance also carries out regular burn events to reduce the supply of BNB, which helps ensure a healthy price rise for this coin. Binance has recently introduced a new Binance Convert feature that will allow zero-fee trading for direct and live orders. The BNB Token can also be added along with DOGET and TRX for potentially significant returns in the future. 


TRON registers 7M transactions in the past 24 hours 

The TRON network is a highly decentralized and DAO-governed organization, and TRX powers it. Over the years, the TRX Token has seen a significant price rise and has managed to establish strong partnerships. It has also recently launched a stable coin on its ecosystem. The TRON network activity has shown a healthy resurgence, with transactions rising to 7M at the time of writing. It had peaked at the same levels seen back in July 2021 when it had reached 8M transactions. It might result in a potential price spike for the coin in the long term.  

The three coins described above can be added periodically to yield a healthy portfolio capable of delivering millionaire gains in the medium to long term. Diversify your assets and not invest all your capital in a single coin. The dollar-cost averaging method is a time-tested strategy for ensuring potentially considerable returns in the long term. 


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