DEX & CEX Listing, NFT Release, and NFT Marketplace

Tora Inu will likely be one of the most feature-packed memecoin projects in 2023. The extensive list of features includes DEX & CEX listings, NFT releases, and an NFT Marketplace – all under one project, creating an all-in-one P2E platform.

But there’s much more.

Tora Inu also incorporates intuitive deflationary tokenomics, a fair P2E game, and a colossal marketing campaign. 

As you can see, Tora Inu has set the foundation for a successful roadmap in 2023 as it looks to align itself with giants such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. As a result, the presale continues to quickly sell out after raising over $300,000 in under a fortnight. 

Tier-1 CEX & DEX Listings Lined Up

Top-tier venture capitalists endorse the team behind Tora Inu, and they have extensive experience in bringing projects to the forefront of the industry. As a result of their knowledge, they understand that tokens need huge communities to provide consistent buying pressure for them to reach the heights of the giants. 

In addition, the team also understands that tokens must be listed on multiple tier-1 exchanges for them to be considered a top project and provide the volume needed to push it higher in the market cap rankings. Therefore, Tora Inu have made it a milestone on the roadmap to get TORA listed on multiple tier-1 and tier-2 centralized exchanges and have a plan outlined for a colossal marketing campaign.

Alongside being listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko, Tora Inu have stated that they will push multiple press releases on the most popular crypto publications in the industry to gain the attention of the mainstream market. 

Furthermore, they also have plans to market TORA to multiple tier-1 exchanges to get the token listed. In fact, they already have a tier-1 exchange lined up to list TORA before it’s listed on DEXs such as Uniswap.

NFT Release and Marketplace for a Fair P2E Ecosystem

In addition to the marketing campaign, the Tora Inu ecosystem can boast a plethora of features that will attract a large user base. Its flagship product is a fun and enjoyable play-to-earn game that allows users to earn a secondary income by winning against other players.

To participate, users must purchase an NFT on the NFT marketplace, which come with stats that are slowly buffed as the owner wins mini-games against other players. Tora Inu believes that the current P2E economy is skewed as they allow users to “pay-to-play” by buffing their stats through payment. Tora Inu intends to raise the standards in the P2E sector by ensuring a level playing field and not letting people take shortcuts to improve their stats. As a result, only the most skilled players can earn a consistent income on Tora Inu.

The highly skilled players can purchase multiple NFTs and sell the NFTs with higher stats to create a secondary economy. However, it still sticks to the fair-to-play ethos, as they must participate in the game to rank the NFT. 

Furthermore, winnings from the game won’t be coming from liquidity reserves. Instead, players must stake TORA into a pool to participate in games, and the winnings come from this pool. 

Intuitive Tokenomics 

Tora Inu can also boast powerful deflationary tokenomics that will help the value of TORA explode as the P2E platform becomes more popular. To achieve this, the TORA token comes equipped with a burn and redistribution mechanism that effectively reduces the supply and rewards loyal TORA holders.

Every single buy and sell transaction on the blockchain will incur a 3% tax that allows the deflationary tokenomics to function. Over time, the burning mechanism will cause a supply shock which should help the value of TORA explode if the demand remains consistent. 

Presale Almost Gone

The Tora Inu presale is limited, and it’s quickly selling out. The beta sale completely sold out in a few days, and the presale is now at Phase 1. 

Each phase of the presale has 100 million TORA token tranches. For example, phase 1 sells for $0.00375. The next stage will be $0.0005, which will continue to increase until all 600 million tokens are sold. That means that early investors are positioned to benefit greatly once the token is listed on the first tier-1 exchange.

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