ConV2X Blockchain In Healthcare 2022 Event Announced

Partners in Digital Health has announced the acclaimed
ConVerge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) Blockchain in Healthcare 2022,
will be held on site and in person, at the Central Public
Library, Thursday, September 15, in Austin, TX,

The blockchain event is the premier destination
community driving the transformation of healthcare with
blockchain and edge technologies. ConV2X presents real world
evidence, strategy, operations, research & trends to
guide informed decision making to successfully navigate the
benefits of this emerging health technology field.

theme for the 2022 program is “Blockchain in Healthcare
Today and Tomorrow” (
The audience includes global C-suite leaders across a
multidisciplinary ecosystem of universities, health systems,
consortiums, pharmaceutical, device and generic
manufacturers, government, NGO, consultants, clinicians,
VCs/Investors, students and startups.

The full day
event presents panel discussions, keynotes, meet the
speakers and startup forum, a virtual blockchain scientific
track, and exhibition gallery.

Symposium Topics
Data Management | Consent Management | Drug
Supply Chain | Claims Management & Administrative
Processes | Token Economics, NFTs, DAOs, Web3 and Metaverse
| Security and Privacy | Regulatory, Policy & Standards
| Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials Management | Global
Technical, Cultural and Business

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