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About the Drop: 

August 23 + 24, 2022 

6:30 pm est on Nifty Gateway 

The Legacy Collection 

Curated by CL7 

Featuring Artwork by Jeff Hamilton and James Peter Henry 

About the Drop: 

As one of the largest NFT collectors and community supporters in the industry, CL7 introduces his first ever curated drop on Nifty Gateway, The Legacy Collection. 

An ode to Kobe Bryant, born out of honest connections and a true collaboration with deep roots, purpose and honor, the collection is being released on what would have been Kobe’s 44th birthday. 

This 2 day drop includes a 1/1 auction of a physical hologram, an open edition digital replica of Jeff Hamilton’s infamous leather jacket dedicated to Kobe Bryant (each also serving as a raffle ticket to win the 1/1 physical), and a 24 edition ranked auction of James Peter Henry’s artwork. 

A portion of primary market proceeds will be donated to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in the loving memory of Kobe and Gianna ‘Gigi’ Bryant. Additional proceeds will be used for building, supporting and maintaining the largest Kobe appreciation community in Web3. 

About CL7: 

Privately leading the NFTs world market places at Christies, Sothebys and Bonhams auction houses (physical and digital art/NFTs art works).Bridging the physical world to the digital one, the legendary CL7 – a private and secretive art dealer in the physical world – has spent the past few years developing his visions into digital art work, by investing in the strong communities of NFTs (priority to utilities, to certifications and to holograms into the blockchain with the metaverses worlds). He is utilizing the stewardship of his 5,000 NFT collection on Nifty Gateway (Pak, Beeple, Trevor Jones and many more Top valuable ones), by becoming a large investor

into space development (universe), with the overarching goal of protecting and saving the human species. 


Specialist in French/Italian architectural antiquities, from Medieval period (8-12th century) up to 17th-18th-19th century (Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Regency, Louis XVI original/authentic periods) including modern arts (Art Nouveau and Art Deco from Nancy city, Lorraine, East of France, corner of Switzerland country). Financial banking systems included to develop 1st and 2nd markets price security. 

Studied at private (underground) schools: The Louvre Museum and The Drouot-Richelieu in Paris, France (master Museum and auctions house) over 2 decades ago. 

CL7 grew up in an Art business’s family in the countryside of France (Lorraine) with a focus on high end quality and mid-long term investments, and a devotion to rare, unique and exquisite historical pieces (Museum quality, high long term values), and has been doing so for over 4 decades (life-long), internationally. 


CL7 is a deep supporter of all humanity, respecting all mentalities, religions and beliefs, as long as they result in positive impacts to all communities worldwide, in collaboration with foundations and charities to help to develop the single human race, together. 

His vision is to use art and NFT’s as the vehicle to make a better life for all, no matter the creed, color, status, or religion. To that end, CL7 is extremely particular about what he buys, when he buys it, and from whom he buys it from. The blockchain is forever, and so is the impact of Sports, actions, traveling, knowledge, cultures, and education. 


CL7 is tying his digital and physical worlds by starring in a new exceptional movie based on Crypto/blockchain/nfts (Mad Max style, new generation), named “The 9th Raider”, which he has been developing for the last few years with a private independent production in Los Angeles, CA. 

CL7 has partnered with a private independent international production company to create a documentary entitled “eNFTourage” as an NFT documentary centered around CL7’s background – his life from his countryside in Eastern Europe to his rise as one of the largest NFT collectors of our time – which has been in production since Art Basel miami 2021. 


CL7 has also been busy building his own private museum in Lorraine, Switzerland, which is currently under renovation. The goal of the museum is to bring authenticity to the NFT digital art world from his traditional art business and background. It will be 4 floors of traditional, physical art works and NFTs whereby the physicals and their NFT digital twins are displayed to prove the

highest credibility from physical to digital. The architecture and structure of the foundation of his museum was built on the top of the rock of his village of only 700 people dating back all the way to the medieval period. In fact, the real estate and lands around the museum are parts of the original large Wild Castle, built between 920-950 A.D., over 1,000 years ago. There, CL7 will be hosting very specific events for real collaborators, artists, investors and artistically altruistic individuals. 

Curator (the Culmination): 

The culmination of his life’s work, and the past few years of waiting to harness his work in the NFT space, has led to this moment. It is time for CL7 to create his own branding to his true followers, giving back to them, by being extremely careful with who his selection of collaborators, real artists, investors, and partners are in order to provide his community, and the world at large, projects with deep life meaning and purpose. 

In his own (uniquely French) words: 

“I, CL7, I do come from no-where some how (with my entire respect to my people where I grew up, in the old school way, that somehow teach me strong deep life), with always having the believe that we can all of us do something good here, wherever we come from, whatever was our individual life situation when we grew up, bad and/or good, we all learn and we all go to the good parts, we must make it happen to the best of us. 

Everything is possible, lets just do it. Let’s make it happen. Let us keep the deep belief inside of us to bring out the power of all of us to the enlightenment. 

Pure good resilience. 

With Wisdom, Strength and Beauty to all of us and to our entire world. 

To The Great Architect of The Universe (together). 

There will always be clouds in the sky, surely the sun, stars and galaxies are here for us. Lets make it happen! 

So be it.” 

CL7 Notable Involvement in the NFT space: 

Pak Mass: CL7 bought 5,001 of the Pak Mass drop for a total of approximately $2M and is one of the largest holders. 


Twin Flames: CL7 bought the entire 100 original print signed and numbered collection of the Twin Flames physical collection at Christie’s NYC on Wednesday, October 6th 2021 for $1.1M, and all 8 Twin Flame NFT’s sold at Christie’s NYC as well.

Henry Cartier Bresson: 2 main art pieces at same auction. Knowing Henry Cartier Bresson is the god of photography, CL7 also bought his best unique physical art pieces at Christie’s NYC that day too, including 3 of his 1st original 1st photos from another artist of arc de triumph, montmartre and especially Notre dame (RIP). CL7 also bought the original photos made in the 1850s same Christie’s auctions with others lots. 

Sophia the Robot: CL7 is the largest holder of NFT’s for the miraculous AI robot Sophia the Robot. 

About James Peter Henry: 

An Australian artist, living in Los Angeles and New York City. His current artist residency is at La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood. The artist is heavily inspired by Aboriginal and African art with Cubism consistently finding its way into many pieces. Since landing in The USA, James Peter Henry has gained a lot of attention with his murals that dominate the skylines of major cities throughout the country. 

Art, for him, is always about human-like form, other times it is the juxtaposition of patterns. He is Always trying to portray a message within his art, as he has a deep spiritual connection that runs throughout his works. 

“I was asked to do a large mural in honor of Kobe and Gigi in Los Angeles, which would have been the biggest of its kind. However I wasn’t really feeling it. As this was only 4 days after their deaths. It seemed too raw at the time and I also didn’t want to do it under pressure… as I wanted to give Kobe and Gigi the respect of being authentic to my style. 

6 days later I saw many, so many, photos of Kobe and Gigi on social media that I just started painting a face which started to turn out like Kobe. I saw a similar Cubism image pop up somewhere and instantly was led to keep painting and go with my spirit which led to an image of Jesus and Gigi as well. 

Kobe is seen in the background slam dunking the ball. The Kobe in the forefront of the painting is sitting reflecting on his life. His love for family / friends and the incredible achievements that he accomplished while here on this earth. 

He changed so many people’s lives. Showed them how to believe and how to hold onto your dream and achieve that. 

His love for God was also apparent in the ways he conducted his life. 

Gigi in this painting is heading towards heaven up the staircase… Kobe reaches out to Gigi as to say ‘I’m coming and I have you. And will always have you.’ 

Jesus then crowns Kobe. As to say ‘You are with Me, just as Gigi is.’ 

This is a celebration of his life and a celebration of the life we are given. 

The celebration of doing your very best while on Earth to encourage people to become greater and achieve their purpose and fulfill why they came here.”

About Jeff Hamilton: 


Born in Morocco, Jeff moved to Paris as a ten year old boy where he went on to study mathematics and physics before beginning his career as a fashion designer. When he arrived in the United States, he quickly emerged to the top of the fashion world as the founder & creative designer behind the very first men’s line for Guess Jeans. Soon after leaving Guess, he began designing leather jackets that were much more than an article of clothing, but rather more like a piece of art. This began a journey of nearly four decades and counting to become one of the most iconic and recognized jacket designers to celebrities, athletes and musicians around the world. 


Jeff’s career skyrocketed in the early 90’s as he held licensing deals with every major professional sports league. Most recognizable are the legendary NBA Championship jackets that were waiting in the locker room for Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls teammates as they went on to win 6 titles. This began a tradition that carried on to Tim Duncan and David Robinson with the Spurs, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal & later on Lebron & Anthony David with the Lakers just to name a few.

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