Introduces Asset-Backed NFTs, As Cardano (ADA) Launches NFT Loans Via DeFi Bridge’s CRNO
and Cardano’s ADA are two such cryptos that have lately emerged as stable and
growing investment projects. Cardano has been in the crypto arena for a longer
time, but its resistance to recent bearish market trends and potential to make
a strong recovery has caught people’s attention again. On the other hand, is
a new entrant whose success has thrilled analysts and experts in the field.
Chronoly’s CRNO token has grown by over 600% during its


Unique Roadmap With Asset-Backed NFTs has
taken the crypto world by storm due to its massive success during the pre-sale
phase. Chronoly’s CRNO is a utility token backed by real-world assets, which is
virtually absent from a majority of the long-standing cryptocurrencies. is
the world’s first blockchain-based fractional marketplace that enables people
to gain partial ownership of rare luxury watches. The project has come up with
a transparent business process, where they purchase rare collectable watches
from high-end multinational brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille,
Audemars Piguet, and others, and mint NFTs against them. It means that all the
NFTs minted by Chronoly are backed by physical watches that the company has
purchased and stored in secured vaults.

It allows people to invest
as little as $10. People can also buy 100% of any timepiece NFT and redeem it
for the physical possession of that watch.

Given that all the NFTs
minted by
are backed by real-world assets and have tangible utility, investors have
rushed to put their money into the project. It is because the prices of other
cryptocurrencies rely primarily on market speculation, while CRNO’s price is
determined by rare collectable watches’ value that is bound to appreciate over

Notably, CRNO’s price has jumped
from $0.01 to $0.06
during its pre-sale, and it is expected to reach $0.75
in the near future. Meanwhile, experts have pegged it to grow by 2,500%
before the end of the pre-sale.

Aims To Expand Use Cases Of Its Token Ada

Cardano is also one of
those few crypto projects expected to maintain a positive run despite the harsh
market conditions. Cardano has emerged as a frontrunner in the DeFi
(Decentralized Financing) industry, leaving behind big names such as Solana and

Cardano users were already
able to loan out ADA, Cardano’s native token, to anyone willing to use their
NFT assets as collateral via smart contracts. However, a range of new releases,
updates, and Ledger’s recent support to expand ADA’s use cases has pumped the
favourable ecosystem of Cardano.

NFT-backed loans are not
new, but Cardano developers have worked to make the project more robust and
easily accessible to everyone via the NFT-DeFi bridge. It has developed new
applications to increase ADA’s usability. As per the Twitter account of the
Cardano (ADA) community, Cardano’s on-chain transactions reached 44.8 million
in June, a 5.44% increase from May.

This has drawn investors’
attention towards Cardano, which is currently trading around $0.45 but is
expected to go as high as $3 by 2023.

More information on the presale here:





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