Cardano’s latest node upgrade may help you decide on future investments

Cardano, the eighth largest cryptocurrency network has had a difficult journey within the crypto market. Even though the network saw significant developments, ADA’s price never really reiterated the same enthusiasm.

But with each development, the network has become stronger or better than before.

No trust issues, whatsoever

The flagship network saw yet another successful implementation of  Vasil node 1.35.3 concerning the Cardano stake pool operators (SPOs).

Herein, multiple SPOs tested the latest Cardano node 1.35.3. Everyone reported back ‘ERROR FREE’ as per the tweet mentioned below.

All that remains is for at least 75% of SPOs to upgrade their mainnet nodes to the said version. Following this, the much-anticipated Vasil Hard Fork could become a reality.

So far, many SPOs used the aforementioned testnet. And, reported positive feedback about the same.

Consider this- Cardano user Adam Dean, who flagged some testnet issues in the upcoming Vasil hard fork, shared a screenshot of his most recent Vasil testing.


Even Charles Hoskinson, the chief executive behind the said network had shared this development on the social media platform.

Earlier, the node was “heavily tested” after urging SPOs to upgrade to the node.

Different ADA enthusiasts such as Cardano pool operator, Andrew Westberg sounded the bullish bugle. He added,

“The fix in 1.35.3 is successful and confirmed by many other SPOs that helped test. Looking good for Vasil Hardfork.”

Moving on to the coin, ADA did see some upgrades in the price, as well as in the on-chain action.

Trading volume for ADA jumped to 630 million at the time of writing. This surge represented the increased traction/demand for ADA amongst traders/investors.

Source: Santiment

Moreover, ADA on the social front saw a green signal. Here, social mentions and engagement surged by 57% and 10% respectively.

Lastly, the coin’s price did see some upward movement as well. Nonetheless, ADA, at press time, was still down by more than 20% in a week’s frame.

At the time of writing, ADA traded around the $0.45 mark with a fresh 2% hike in 24 hours.

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