Cardano Metaverse Pre-Sale Achieved More than 70% Allocation

  • Users who invested a min of 7K $LONIA and 200 $ADA are eligible for the listing.
  • Less than 30% of the presale allocation remains in the $LONIA token presale.

A Metaverse Project called Cardalonia is comparable to Ethereum’s The Sandbox, but the Cardalonia runs on the Cardano blockchain. Following the presale stage and subsequent listing on several exchanges, Cardalonia has made an announcement for an Initial Exchange Offering.

On the Cardano Blockchain, there is a virtual world called Cardalonia where users may create, own, and personalize their own adventures. Cardalonia token presale has achieved greater response, less than 30% of the presale allocation remains in the $LONIA token presale, indicating that more than 70% of the overall allocation has been filled with less than 4 days left in the presale.

Cardalonia Governance Token

Early investors have the chance to buy Cardalonia tokens at lower entry points prior to the exchange listing. Additionally, holders of LONIA tokens can stake their tokens on the Cardalonia staking vault, which is already active, to increase their rewards in LONIA and improve their chances of gaining early access to the upcoming Terrania Land NFT Sale.

The governance token for the Cardalonia Ecosystem will be $LONIA, which was released as a native Cardano token. Through staking LONIA tokens, users will be able to receive rewards, NFTs for exclusive land, and clan drops.

Cardalonia Marketplace will assist its users in-app market for purchasing and selling generated assets. Cardalonia has also revealed the first glimpse of its marketplace for collectibles, where players and artists may list, trade, and buy Cardalonian goods.

After the October snapshot, the Cardalonia Lands NFT Presale will begin, and only holders of the $LONIA token who have invested a minimum of 7000 tokens and 200 ADA in their wallets will be eligible for the listing.

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