Cardano Community shines as the network enters NASCAR

The crypto-verse is home to thousands of different crypto assets. While some claim to fix what the others lack, a few others turn out to be nothing but scammy projects. But one word that seemed to be making the rounds was “ghost chain.” A prominent network, Cardano [ADA] seemed to be associated with it.

The network was called out for its limited acceptance and also for not being as popular as other assets. Things seemed to be changing as the network made its debut in NASCAR. Surprisingly Charles Hoskinson had no idea about it.

A pool operator who goes by the Twitter username “Bone Pool” decided to take Cardano into NASCAR. The car driven by Trent Barnes, a NASCAR driver had the network’s name imprinted on his car.

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson did not seem to have an idea about the sponsorers. Therefore, he went on to enquire on Twitter. As mentioned earlier, Bone Pool went on to tweet,

“Hey, @IOHK_Charles.. Yep, that’s me.. I’m a pool operator and have worked on this car for years The Barnes family was gracious enough to let Trent blast the name and logo in attempt to find sponsors building on Cardano. The car runs the Nascar weekly series at @DominionRaceway”

It should be noted that an array of exchanges like featured as a sponsor for several sports clubs. However, these platforms poured in a significant amount of money to be featured. Cardano, however, seemed to be emerging as a community-driven project.

Cardano’s price and social sentiment are on the rise

In what has become a rather rare sight lately, the entire crypto market was painted in green. Several assets were bagging big gains and Cardano’s ADA wasn’t far off. The altcoin witnessed a 4 percent surge over the last hour and was trading at $0.5365, at press time.

Similar to its price, the asset’s social sentiment was witnessing a notable rise.


With the Vasil hard fork expected to go live soon, the network has been garnering immense traction. As seen in the above chart, both social mentions and engagements of the network were trying to attain the peak achieved last week.

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