Bridging Traditional Games and Blockchain

Along with offering an open-world gaming experience, Moon Nation also serves as an intermediary between traditional games and the benefits of blockchain technology.

Moon Nation

Moon Nation is a gaming-based ecosystem that seeks to serve as a bridge between games and blockchain technology. In the Moon Nation game, players can compete in a space-based battle royale to earn. Along with this in-depth game mode, the Moon Nation Bridge allows users to host games like Poker and UNO that can be played for free or with bets enabled.

The Moon Nation ecosystem is powered by the $MNG token and the MNP currency. While $MNG is a standard token with price volatility, MNP is off-chain with a fixed price of 0.01 USD, which will never change because it is in an off-chain wallet. 


The Battle Royale

The RPG battle royale game mode allows players to battle it out in a space-based open-world environment. Players are able to collect, craft, and trade for assets they can use in battle. These assets include Moon Vehicles, starfighters, consumable goods, a variety of weapons, ownable land, and more.

Along with battling other users, you can hunt aliens and other monsters to earn $MNG. Players must maintain character optimization in order to stay alive in this intense environment. 

Host Your Own Game

Along with its own detailed gaming experience, Moon Nation allows users to host their own games on the site – blockchain-based or not. Using the custom Moon Nation API, users can host third-party games of any genre on Moon Nation. Players can then set whether they are playing for free or playing with bets on each game.

Moon Nation believes this is a more intuitive and quicker solution for merging games with blockchain technology. In tandem with the fixed-price MNP currency, players can easily connect to the blockchain and host incentivized gaming sessions.

In-house Mini Games

More than just a game. Moonnation also offers mini-games which can be played by downloading from the Moon Nation Bridge. These games are of different genres which aim to bring back the FUN in blockchain gaming. 

  • Play card games such as UNO and Poker with friends and family 
  • Play for free or play with points for added excitement!
  • Send points to your friends or family in a matter of seconds using moon nation points system, the unique currency in the bridge

Development of more games to be added on the bridge is ongoing. So stay tuned for more!

Moon Nation NFT Marketplace

As a way to support the battle royale game and economy, Moon Nation also plans to have a Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace. On the marketplace, users can buy or sell in-game asset NFTs using $MNG as currency. Players can either sell their assets instantly or utilize the auction format to possibly earn even more.

Metaverse Land Sales

Moon Nation has also stated they are in the process of developing metaverse lands that can be purchased by players. On the lands, players can earn passive income by establishing in-game shops or renting the space out to other players on the network. The metaverse lands and the other NFT assets are also available to trade on select third-party marketplaces.

Moon Nation also revealed that players who purchase the land would receive exclusive in-game futures.

Staking: Bounteous yet, sustainable

Moon Nation also offers locked staking pools with generous APY from 15 days to 360 days locking period. Moon Nation has come up with attractive rewards to time lock ratio but just enough to ensure sustainability and maintain stability.


Gamifying Education (EduFi)

Moon Nation believes that by gamifying education, it can be adapted to fit where modern learning styles have settled. Their key focus is on the shared social interoperability that gamified education brings to the table, cutting away the slog of passive learning and focusing on interactive education. This concept, referred to as EduFi by Moon Nation, can be applied to school curriculums, training modules, college or university courses, and other formats where engagement is crucial for understanding the content. 


The Moon Nation roadmap includes updates to its main game (in parallel, V2 is being developed) and API, integrating the NFT marketplace with the Moon Nation Bridge for cross-connectivity with NFT assets and a strong focus on the EduFi aspect of the platform.

Concluding Thoughts

Moon Nation as a battle royale game is an exciting experience for players, with replayability if you wish to collect specific in-game assets to use in battle. However, Moon Nation is ambitious to offer much more than the battle royale. Moon Nation V2 game is being developed with high-end 3D graphics, a storyline with assets, and land NFT integration.

With gamified education, staking, an API that allows anyone to host any game of any genre, In-house Mini games, and an NFT marketplace where players can acquire the in-game items they want the most, there’s something for almost everyone at Moon Nation.

Where to find Moon Nation:

Website | Twitter |  Telegram | YouTube

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