Blockchain technology is transforming the real estate market By Cointelegraph

Block by block: Blockchain technology is transforming the real estate market

Property is the worlds single largest store of wealth, and if the cryptocurrency and blockchain world is seeking an express route to mass adoption, it could do worse than partnering with the real estate industry.

According to a September 2021 report by Savills World Research, the estimated value of all the worlds real estate stands at $326.5 trillion. By comparison, crypto-sector market capitalization was about $1 trillion in mid-July.

Will everything be fractionalized?

Times Square during NFT.NYC 2022 convention

A market that dwarfs the cryptoverse

Obstacles remain

Positive regulatory developments in the U.S.

NFTs or simple tokenization?

Raising up the worlds poor

Global disrupter or niche player?

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