Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH) – Quite News Day On Low Volume Days

Good Morning Everyone!

Today Warren Buffett turns 92. He’s lived through world wars, depressions and crashes and is still investing in the stock market while eating Dairy Queen.

Prices as of 4 pm EST, 8/29/22; % YTD


Heavy vacation schedules this week

Markets are bouncing off the 100-day moving average

10yr       3.1%

QE Program

Crude    94.5        -2%       

  • Natural Gas in Europe is lower for a second day

  • The EU is preparing to intervene to bring prices lower

  • European Commission President is expected to speak today about emergency steps




Digital asset flows

Volatility ahead

  • Open interest leverage ratio for Bitcoin and Ethereum at all-time highs

  • Degree of leverage relative to market size

  • Higher price sensitivity

  • Higher risk of market squeeze

These are the tickers dominating the news headlines:

data from Swaggy Stocks

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