Avalanche And Xchange Monster Explore The World Of GameFi And Web3 

Web3 is changing the world for the better

Paradigm shifts occur infrequently, but when they do they always occur for a reason. Whilst not all shifts happen for the better, the move away from Web2 to Web3 will be one that is beneficial for the masses and help democratise industries that for decades have been thwarted by bureaucracy.

One industry that is set to be one of the greatest benefactors of Web3 technology is gaming. The gaming community is one of the largest adopters and users of cryptocurrency in the world today. With the incorporation of Play-To-Earn schemes and technology to evolve gaming, taking it into the metaverse, will only increase user experience.

Changes in the gaming world that allow consumers increased choice, better user experience, and the ability to earn currency from playing the game is an evolution that can only be described as progressive and beneficial. Web3 is changing the world of gaming for the better and can benefit everyone.

Avalanche is a platform empowering GameFi projects

Much of the evolution of Web3 and GameFi should be accredited to developers and blockchain networks alike as they enable innovative projects to be built on and Avalanche is a platform that many developers have certified as top-tier for development.

Avalanche (AVAX) is a layer-1 protocol that is one of the fastest networks in the ecosystem and provides users will a level of operability that many competitors can’t match. As many developers think highly of the platform, its adoption is increasing and we are now seeing more and more games being built on Avalanche than ever before.

Many of the games that are now being built operate under the GameFiPlay-To-Earn model as it is a model that is mutually beneficial for both the developers and the consumers of the game. Play-To-Earn helps retain users by providing an extra incentive layer to stay active on the game as in-game rewards in the form of cryptocurrency are given.

As the demand for new-age gaming continues to increase, platforms such as Avalanche are essential to help fuel the growth and should result in a price reflection that is indicative of the increased use. Avalanche is a platform that developers love. If developers create the ecosystem and think fondly of the platform then expect to see the adoption continue to increase and more games developed on Avalanche.

Building the bridge to GameFi

With more and more in-game assets and currencies being incorporated into gaming, a bridge to connect gaming rewards is required for the fungibility of assets. These rewards can be in the form of NFTs, digital currency, and in some cases, native coins, and Xchange Monster (MXCH) is creating a platform that will allow users the ability to convert and trade these assets across games and platforms.

By using its Monster Wallet,Xchange Monster connects users with NFT marketplaces and in-game tokens and consolidates them in one place. Once stored, users are able to trade these assets across networks and even exchange out for other in-game content.

Moreover, the platform has an exchange that will allow the trading of your favourite coins and tokens and will enable users to do so without any exchange fees. Finally, the platform has an on-ramp service to connect your Fiat to crypto via Monster Pay which will also be used to withdraw holding directly into your bank account.

All in all, Xchange Monster will act as the bridge between the world of gaming and the world of DeFi to fully emulate an inclusive GameFi experience. As of writing Xchange Monster is in its presale for its native token MXCH. The token will be used for conversions across the exchange and even be used on some games as the in-game currency for Xchange Monster partnered projects. The token could be in demand because of the utility it provides and as such, if you believe in the world of GameFi then this is a project that you should check out.



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